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Getting Stronger....Do I Have It All Set

Well for the past 7 weeks I have been using only bodyweight exercises. Basically pushup, situps, and pull-ups, and jumping squats, I really made improvements with my pull-ups?went from 9-15.

Recently I had gotten an Olympic weight set and am ready to start some real training but still keep some of my functional bodyweight exercises in the program. I am going to Europe for the summer to train and have fun with my cousin who will also be there. We are a little competitive in general fitness and MMA.

I was hopping that well with the last 17 weeks of school left, in that I can really make some noticeable improvements in my overall strength.

My stats:
Height: 5?9
Weight: 147
Pushups: 40
Bench: 180
Squats: 250
Body fat: 12%

I?m workout 5 times a week; also trying to help a friend lose some weight .here is my workout.

(Once April comes around I will start guerilla training)
Jump rope
Handstand pushups: 3x6

Bench: 2x12 Tuesdays, Fridays
Shoulder press: 3x6 Monday, Thursday
Scull crusher: 3x10 Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Weighted pull-ups: 3x20
Fingertip pushups: 50
Weighted chins: 3x10
Plyo pushups: 150-200
Squats: 1x20
Jumping squats: 2x50

8pack training: Monday Wednesday, Friday
200situps/20 weighted knee lifts: Tuesday, Thursday

Grip Tuesdays, Thursdays:
Dead lift: 3x5
Heavy gripper work
I was thinking of increasing the weight of most of the exercises by 2.5-5lbs every week just to try to keep up a build more strength. Don?t worry I do get plenty of rest and eat well; I will be buying some whey protein for added resistance.

Oh yea I really am focused on getting some strong abs. I really want to develop the L-set? so here the 8pack routine

Side bends: 2x50
Crunches: 1x100
Hanging knee raise: 3x20
Lower crunch: 5x10
Oblique crunch: 2x50

All of the abdominal exercises are weighted and I will continue to add weight over the weeks

Do you guys think I have it set?will this program help me develop the endurance and strength that I want? along with some added mass?I was hoping on gaining about 12lbs of muscle with this program but since I have started I think I may have lost some fat or what not because well when I started I was at like 145 so I gained about 1-2lbs??? Don?t know about that if my scale is right.

chuck norris uses only body weight. the weight of his opponents dead bodies that is.

When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn?t lifting himself up, he?s pushing the Earth down.

but now down to the question at hand…