Getting Stronger, But Not Bigger

Im currently coming up to the last few session of Chad Waterbury’s lift fast get big programme. The question i have is for the last 2 weeks my weights have been going up and up. I will struggle the first week with the upped weight, by the 2nd its become scarily easy so i up again. The first question i have is should i ride this wave of progression and extend the programme until the gains halt? or should i switch to another programme after the set time?.

Second question is although my strength is going up from a hypertrophy aspect my body is hardly changing at all. I look in the mirror and still see the skinny kid. The only things ive noticed changing are my shoulders and thats as far as its got. My chest resembles something of a preteen girl. Before the current programme i did abbh I and abbh II which were great for hypertrophy.

Im just seriously stuck in two minds… my goal when i started out was straight out hypertrophy but im getting the bug for strength after seeing my progression on LFGB.Once again… any advice would be nice… i want the hypertrophy but im enjoying the strength.

whats the scale telling you? If its not moving up put more food on your plate.

Are you a beginner? In my experience, strength comes first in beginners, then (if you’re eating right) comes the size. If you’ve already completed ABBH I and II, I would expect the initial strength gains should now be accompanied by hypertrophy.

Sheesh, what a long-winded post, when all I really wanted to say is that you’re probably not eating enough :slight_smile: m Post a sample of your diet and let us see.