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Getting stronger, bigger, and faster

I hope I can get all the information possible
from this site. What are box squats? What are romanian deadlifts? If anyone can tell me in detail, thanks. If anyone has a lot of exercises that could make my life close to perfect exercises, thanks. I know I already got
one answer, but I need the perfect workout for me, thanks. I lift naturally, without any supplements. I want to achieve this with my own
natural ability. Thanks.

Do a search for “box squats” and Dave Tate at T-mag. They did a whole article on them.

Romanian deadlift: You keep your knees in a locked position troughout the deadlift. About an 15-20 degree angle in the knee. Then you might allso arch your back for a better hamstring stretch. The rest is a normal deadlift. You should allso really feel a huge stretch in you hamstrings if you’re doing this right. It require some practice, so don’t worry if you can’t feel this momentally…

If time is of the essence, there are really only 5 exercises that you need to do regularly to build core strength. Squat, Clean, Deadlift, Incline Bench, Push Press. You can supplement exercises around this but the big 5 should be a part of your training on a consistent basis. Romanian Deadlifts are a variation of stiff legged deadlifts. When you begin doing them, stand on the floor, deadlift a weight(be careful) and then stick your tush out, as you slowly lower the weight with your legs basically straight(keep the knees flexed a little to relieve strain on your back). Keep your feet close together and pause at the bottom, then squeeze your glutes and hamstrings as you pull the weight up using lowerback, glutes and hamstrings. Keep your headup and your back flat by trying to squeeze your elbows together in the back.

Hmm… can really a incline bench relate anything to sprinting and speed?

If you want to get big without gear follow either Big Beyond Belief or the original Heavy Duty. Both put on mass FAST. Box squats are squats with a bench underneath you that you rest on between reps, don’t do them. Romanian Deadlifts are just good-mornings and is a great exersize for building up the lower back.

yes, incline bench can relate to sprinting speed, because in a sprint, your arms have to move just as fast as your legs, and actually preceed them slightly in the movement. having a strong upper body is essential in being a very fast sprinter, pumping the arms contributes a lot to the sprinting position.

Michael, i dunno if you were kidding or something. But romanian deadlifts are not plain good mornings, and builds hamstrings as a prime mover. Box squats are in my opinon after trying these, one of the best exersizes for increasing atletich performerance. And do a search on t-mag to find the article. Absolutely worth trying!!