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Getting Stronger and Weight is Raising but Muscles Look/Are Smaller

my strenght and weight is raising steady every week.But my muscless are looking smaller what is problem anybody else got same problem?

Might be some fat gains obscuring muscle separation giving the illusion that your muscles are smaller.


How long have you been doing this lifting thing for?

Would also ask exactly how much weight you’re gaining each weak and what are your lifts like? (squat/bench/dead)

Depends on your routine, and body structure.
You can train for strength and get minimal muscle gain. Suits sportsmen who don’t want to go up into a higher weight division in MMA. Volume is low and weights are high, low reps. CNS, tendons and ligaments are stimulated, strength increases.

If you want to increase muscle mass you will probably need to increase volume of sets. Reduce the weight a little, increase the reps too. Focus is then on the muscle the pump. It will increase your strength, but not as much as a dedicated strength program.
You could also alternate heavy strength work and lighter pump work in the same workout, or heavy one workout, then lighter but higher volume the next time you do those exercises.