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Getting Strength Levels Back

I’d like to begin, with my first focus is baseball, lifting is for training but I would also like to powerlift after baseball.

Anyways, I spent from July to Mid January on a modified WS4SB. The last month or so baseball has picked up, and our coach demands tons of running.
Due to being sore and lack of time I’ve hit the weight room on average, about once a week over the last month, and when I did lift I felt like garbage, and the quality was poor.

Anyways over these past several weeks my strength levels have plummeted.

I was just curious how long it usually takes someone to get everything back? I’m a definite ectomorph, so all this distance running is a stimulus to drop muscle and strength like crazy, so it’s defniitely not an opportunistic environment to gain my strength back.

Bodyweight went from 155lbs to 190lbs, and since lifting has been replaced with running I’m back down to 182lbs, lost some fat, but more than a couple pounds of muscle mass as well.

I’m just frustrated at the moment, and wam hoping to get an idea for when i can set goals to have everything back.

I will probably be lifting full body 3 times weekly, still tons of running though.

Muscle memory comes back pretty quick. If your still doing a lot of running it could hinder your strength gains.

I would say a month or so before your getting back up to speed with the lifting.

Are you doing a lot of sprinting or long distance runs? I don’t see why baseball players would do any long distance running. Lots of sprinting would be more sport specific and also wouldn’t eat into muscle gains.

Its a mix, quite a lot of distance though. I don’t know why we do it, none of my teammates do either. But no one is going to challenge the coach either. Just sorta put your head down and do the task.

It is terribly ironic since at 182lbs I’m like the 2nd or 3rd heaviest on the team.

I was hoping 3 weeks to a month. I did a box squat session today, definitely not where I was, but not as poor as I expected either.