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Getting Strength Back Post-Covid

I had Covid in December, was down for about 4 weeks and have been Covid-free (negative tests) for 3 months but my strength seems to not be coming back at all. Prior to getting sick my maxes were (roughly) Sq: 445, B: 290 (poverty bench), DL: 535. I’ve been back to training a full 3 months and right now I’m at (roughly) Sq: 405, B: 260, DL: 455. It’s getting insanely frustrating at this point. Before getting sick I was doing 455 for DL sets of 5-7 and yesterday I pulled an extremely grinding single with that weight.

For reference, a couple years ago I had mononucleosis that knocked me for about the same amount of time as Covid and within 3 months I got all my strength back (even though I was still 10-15 lbs. lighter - I had lost 40lbs overall).

Has anyone else that has had Covid experienced the same thing? Anything I can do to overcome this?

Take a look at @bulldog9899 's log. He had it and is still stronger than most of us.

Far from it… it took 3 month before my body would tolerate additional physical stress besides work with out feeling like death warmed over. I only had a mild case with a fever that lasted 2 days. Im still in the process of regaining a base level of strength. There are several other members that seemed too totolerated t better.

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I’m in a similar boat. After my workout I basically have to come home and nap. I also only had a mild case with a fever that lasted about 60 hours. Interesting to hear that you’re still regaining your base level of strength similar to myself. What’s odd for me is that whenever I do any non weight work (boxing, metcon, cardio, etc.) I’m basically back to normal. It’s only my strength that is still down.

Based on what I have read and pure speculation invoulving myself. Im starting to question if it didn’t do a number on my nervous system. Because I was noticing some brain fog which some of the long haulers show. Because I’ve notice my movement patterns are off that is beyond just slight rust for the time off from it.

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When you say you did a number on your nervous system, are you talking about when you first came back? Or when you were sick?

My first day back I tried, what I though would be, a “light” set of deadlifts for 405x5 (prior to being sick I was regularly doing 475x5). Well, I finished rep 3 and just died. Rep 4 barely budged from the ground. I was completely fried. So I’ve been wondering if that did something to my nervous system. But, it’s 3 months ago at this point; shouldn’t my nervous system have recovered by now?

In retrospect im thinking possibly during. I was in and out during the 48 hours I had it hard. I know at one point it hurt to be touched.

In my case at the moment its like my muscle coordination is off… but as I mentioned I have had several times I’ve had issues with brain fog that you hear about.

Regarding your one question regarding your own nervous system I can’t answer. Nor trully qualified. To do so.
.Since we’re talking about effects from a virus and not specifically issues created from training stress.

In your first day back in a normal layoff I would expect a decline in strength.

My advice is to settle in and listen to what your body is telling you and take what it will give. When its ready to go it will go. Treat it like you would a injury thats the best advice I can give at this point.

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I hear you. That’s what I’m trying to do, but its frustrating as hell when you put on a weight you generally could do for 5+ reps and can barely grind out a single, you know?

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I’ve had my share of injuries… yeah stuff like this blows goat. It will come around …hang in there.