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Getting Straight on Stanozolol

So I’ve been reading around the internet and found a couple articles basically stating that:

inj. winni: more “anabolic” or increased protein synthesis .vs. oral winni.

oral winni: better for lowering shbg.

I have a few questions.

First…which method do you prefer? and why?

Second…What do you think of somebody alternating days with oral and inj? I am planning on taking winni and am planning on taking it ED. I am tossing around the idea of injecting eod and then taking it orally the other eod.

Make sense?

So monday -inj. tuesday- oral. wednesday- inj. and so on and so forth.

This way you could possibly get the best of both worlds? Or take 25mg orally and 25mg injected ED?

I haven’t found anything that says not to do anything like this…

Last…What are some good methods to prevent infection when injecting something such as winni which isn’t in any BA, BB, etc or any oil.

Overparanoia has me thinking that if any bacteria, etc get on the needle that it will then get in the solution and wreak havoc!

What are you thoughts about putting the vial in boiling water before injecting every time? (let it cool before injecting of course lol) do not submerge the lid and of course swab with alcohol.

Some things on my mind right now…I’d appreciate any of your input and advice.


For gains and results I perfer the injectable, but for overall use I much prefer the orals, and unless I was trying to get the most out of it for whatever reason, plus the fact that injectable Winny is probably the most expensive steroid, I would stick with oral use. The effects are different, but not in relation to the price difference. That being said there are advantages and options:

Regarding the alternating schedule, I like the idea, but would change the timeline. Injectable Winstrol is locally effectual in regards to IGF, while the Oral is full-body effectual. Though it’s been said that this effect is temporary as far as optimal results and again has been suggested to alternate the usage, similar to the over-thought somewhat fallacy of changing compounds for better results.

But, I would think that EOD wouldn’t ever “relieve” someone of the effects of one, while optimizing the other if such effect were true. I would alternate periods of 10 days between the usage, which would fit nicely with vials of the injectable - basically use a vial, then take twice the oral dose for 10 days and go back to another vial: I would think this would be a good way of trying this protocol. I’ve personally been interested in trying a protocol like it to measure the results, but have since given up on injectable winstrol, leaving oral as my preference.

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Beat: I have one vial of 30ml 50mg/ml inj. winni. It is to my understanding that this can be injected or taken orally? I was planning on using both ways of administering in what was outlined above. If I took twice the dosage orally than inj then I’d run out too fast, and as you said it can get expensive. lol I was planning on injecting 50mg/ed until I thought about the difference between oral/inj. I will also add that I will be taking test prop and tren ace along with it.

BBB: Thats exactly what I read, and with my upcoming cycle involving test/tren I like the idea of winni’s effects on shbg…but I also like the idea of having it injected be more anabolic. (who doesn’t want to be more anabolic :stuck_out_tongue: lol) I was just wondering if anybody has ever tried to get both benefits out of the vial since you can administer it either way. You can’t try this with pills without suspending them in the solution which basically gives you inj winni anyways. lol I was seeing if this was possible to do with just the injectable instead of having to inject x amount and take x amount in pills?

Or is it not that big of a difference anyways…?


Yes your 30ml can be injected OR taken orally. Just make sure that if you’re going to do both for the same vial that you practice sterility practices every time, as if it’s an oral day you may be prone to using less caution.

Pin and see how you like it, hear it usually stings like a bitch.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I would inject the winstrol and take some proviron too.


OK I like that one. Next paycheck might include proviron on my shopping list. lol

Thanks for the help man.


Proviron X2