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Getting stoned with the Taliban

Did you hear about the Fundementalist Muslim teenager who smoke opium and then told his Taliban Mullah of a dad?

His father said to him, “you are a very lucky boy because because you get to be stoned two nights in a row!!!”.



Also, did you know that the Taliban’s fav band is
the “Rolling Stones” and that they totally
dig “rock” music? -


Look out everyone!!! Brock’s been self-testing Euphoria again!!

it took minute but damn thats funny.

Took me a minute too. Brock your second joke on this thread was lame. You are forgiven as I have posted stuff that was much more lame. :slight_smile:


if Brock has been self testing Euphoria again, I want this version!


I don’t get it somebody pleez explain :frowning:

EXPLANATION - Fundementalist whatjob Muslim
countries are under “sharia” or Muslim Law. Muslim law insists that those convicted of
drug use be stoned to death. Get it? -


damn, Drax is befitting of you, isn’t it? :slight_smile:

old test. says to stone your kid if he don’t listen to you, how about some christian and jewish jokes.oh its no in vouge to hate christians and jews. peace

I didn’t know Muslim law worked that way oops. I thought it was just Judaism like in Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

Hey HeyHey (that sounds weird). Yeah, in the OT is does mention stoning but show me Jews
or Christians anywhere who practice this?
I can show you Muslims that still do this
however. Not a “vogue” issue, more of a “get the heck out of the stone age” issue. Heh,
I said “stone age”. -


Here’s a Jew and Christian joke: There’s a Rabbi, Padre, and Minister sitting in a bar in NJ. They’ve been listening to the bartender talk on various subjects, write several things on napkins, always one-sided, never giving one inch, even when he’s out of his league and wrong on just about everything. So the three religious men huddle, talk for a few minutes, and approach the bartender. At once they all say :Get your head out of your ass, you F’n Tool! And can you for once in your life spell this word right! It’s r-e-a-L-L-y! Hahahahaha… That’s a good one. and there’s a moral. Maybe I’ll be Aesop Bomber from now on.

I don’t get it. Does it have anything to do with folks in Joisey pronouncing the word in a funny way?

het, chill out dude. Brock did not say all muslims do this. He made it quite clear that he was joking about a fundamentalist taliban person. And, no matter how much PC you try to use, it’s the truth. Want to see a country where women are stoned for showing their face? We’re bombing them now. And please don’t reach back and come up with some examples of Christian or Jewish wrong. We all know there are bad people in all religions. Again, he made a very specific joke based on present day fact of life. Don’t be a party pooper. Knee jerk people are too irritating.

WTF??? I don’t get it…I dumb like Drax. Heheh. Just kidding Drax. But seriously I don’t get it. :slight_smile:


OK some points; the point about brock was that he seems to hate all muslims (read his other posts) he wants them dead because he thinks HIS religion is best. but to brik, I think I try to spell peoples name correct but maybe I am wrong but I will ask you to do me a favor, if you are gonna make a week effort at insulting me atleast spell my name right :wink: about the stoneing thing, doesn’t that show a lack of REAL beliefs? I mean, if you REALLY believe in what you believe then why whould you NOT stone your son if he deserved it? THINK!!

Is it just me or do you guys like Brock more and more with each and every passing day???

I do not hate Muslims. I hate fundamentalists.
Of all sorts. Muslims, Jews, & Christians. -