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Getting Started

Im 17yr.i started lifting when i was a freshman in highschool. I have madegood gains and im in wieghtlifting. I wanted to know if you guys had any good suplements or routines for someone my age. I take protein everyday and used to take creatine with a multi. vitamin. Im also thinking about starting a testosterone cycle. Im new to this site and any advice or help would be appresiated.

Height- 6’1"
Weight- 185
BF- ?
Bench- 225
Squat- 250

Wow, I almost missed the test cycle in there. At your age it would be incredibly stupid i.e. tremendous risk and little to no benefit.

Why would you even think you need a Testosterone cycle or any other type of cycle at 17? All your levels are going to be sky high.

All you need to do to grow is eat lots and lots of food and train hard.

Without even considering your age I would say your still not anywhere near needing to turn to steroids. You can still make a huge amount of gains in both muscle mass and strength just by training hard and eating right. Unless you can figure out how to do this stuff naturally you will quickly see any gains from steriods just waste away.

Read the beginners threads at the top of this forum and read the training and nutrition articles until your eyes bleed.

Just eat more protein. If you eat like a chicken you’ll be built like a chicken. If you eat like a bear, you’ll be built like a bear.

Few of my friends were taking it and didn’t know if it was a good choice. i eat like a horse and take in almost enough protein. Im a good size teen, just dosent feel lie im gaining much lean muscle.

Then eat more and work more.

Test is for people who need it. All it’ll do for you is shrink your nuts and fuck up your endocrine system.

Do any of you have a good routine for teens or know of anyone who does? I read that most proffesional bodybuilders workouts are much more defficult and to extreme for teens and thats all i seem to be seeing are for older lifters. Any good sites or programs i could fallow?

Read the begginers thread at the top of this forum.

ruehl, check out this thread http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=640350. The links provided will point you to a variety of info on nutrition and training.

You have a 225 bench and want to juice… that’s sad. By following a good lifting program and most importantly adequate optimal nutrition you will grow in size and strength, believe it. If you don’t have those two areas locked down anyway juice aint gonna help you other then to give you zits and possibly man tits.

Read up on Grow Premium Whey, Surge, Flameout, Biotest Creatine, and ZMA. These are the only supps you need if you have good nutrition nailed down. Also, with the money you were going to waste on probable fake gear anyway you can think about adding in Biotest BCAA’s. Go into the store and read up on these products.

Good luck,


I’m going to fall in with the guys emphatically discouraging you from messing around with artificial hormones at your age. Your right in the middle of laying the physiological foundation of the rest of your life. Let your body do it’s thing it’s own way at this point. You may be sorry down the road if you don’t.

Man I remember what 17 was like. “Down the road” meant 15 mnutes from now.

Thanks for the advice i wanted to ask ppl who had some experience before doing anysort of cycle of testosterone. I already take muscle milk but was wondering if fish oil, liquid creatine,adn nitrous musclefrom vpx was a good stack for my age and how much i workout ( 4-5 times a week).