Getting Started

I am looking for advice to get started on some type of regimen that may help me lose weight . I am 5’ 8" , 248 lbs & probably 40 % body fat. I am a stocky guy, obviously over-weight, most of my excess weight is carried in my belly or between my waist and shoulders. However, I am also told I have a muscular body and used to be told I hold my weight well before changing anti-depressants and gaining 20 more lbs.

I think what I want to do is lose both weight and muscle, drop my weight and then start over from there. I already look like a squats power lifter and prefer to
Get back to the lean me .

I have low T and have been taking 1.5ml injections every two weeks for the last 5 years. (prescribed)

I’d greatly appreciate recommendations to get me towards my goal of 175lbs; diet, exercise, lifting style, increase T injections and any supplements that may accelerate my progress. The last 4 days I have either hiked or walked 3 miles. I know, I’ll have to do some real cardio to lean out. I did the P90x three years ago and lost 39lbs over a 6 month period but am looking for something different. Like the gym where there is some nice people and eye candy to keep me motivated and coming back for more.

Thank you in advance for your time and advice.

Happy New Year

Rob in Phoenix

First, make sure you’re healthy enough to do a committed exercise program. If you’re young (under 30) and have done some form of exercise in the last year, then you should be fine. If you’re middle-age or beyond, then ease into it.

In any case, if pure weight loss is your goal then the most important thing is to get a proper diet.
This is probably the simplest, best advice towards nutrition -

Just follow that for a month and you’ll probably good a good amount of your bulk.

Another terrific starting point is to walk. A lot. The following article will help on that-

My advice would be to make those a part of your lifestyle. While the diet can slack off a bit as you reach your 175lb goal and start building strength, walking really should be something you do daily forever. You want at least an hour of some form of activity that keeps you on your feet.

Beyond that, you can start trying out the four main lifts (Squat, dead-lift, bench-press, overhead press). The key is form. Spend weeks just getting your form down perfectly. Just do those lifts 2x a week. So a total of 4 lifting days/week. Reps don’t necessarily matter because you’re trying to get proper form at first. Just do 3-5 reps with 3 sets of that. Work to slowly increase the amount of sets you can do up to 5. Your goal could be 5 sets of 5 reps with perfect form.

Once you achieve that, I’d recommend Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 program. Particularly the modification that has you lifting those four above-mentioned lifts 2x/week. You want to get lots of reps in when you’re still a beginner.