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Getting started

The problem I guess if there needs to be one is that I’ve been training for three years now, but with very little attention , I’m afraid to say paid to proper form, nutrition and supplementation. I thougth I was somewhat dedicated, but after seeing the T-mag site I realised that I was a poser. I want to jump on the band wagon and take my training to the next level. I’ve read that keeping a training and nutrtion journal is a good step towards building the required physic. But quite honesltly, with all the information out there I just don’t know how to get started. I’m very enthusiastic about the discipline and self-motivation required to live this lifestyle. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to continue this brutal regiment, but this just makes me want it more. I beleive that I have in me but require your advice and assistance from everything from journals to supplements. Basically I need someone to show the yellow brick road. I’ve realised that I love training and wish to play an active role in the way my body looks. Also thinking of studying to become a personal trainer, they say if you love something you’ll be good at it no matter what. If you have any advise that a rookie like me could use I would very much aprecciate it. Thank you for your forthcoming response.