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getting started

Readers, I want to get into weight lifting. The problem is i don’t know where to start. Lately i’ve been doing bench presses, curls, butterflies, and some other lower body workouts. I’ve been reading the info about dieting and all that. but i was curious if anyone could just give me some good pointers on how to build muscle and what to watch out for. it’s much appericiated.

Josh my man,

prepare to read up. Start off by searching for the Dawg School articles and then go from there. One of the best things you’ll find about this site is the sheer amount of quality info…but you have to do your homework.

Best of luck man!

you’ve come to the right place. personally, i feel the 4 lifts you should start out with are bench (either incline or flat), wide grip pull-ups, squat, and deadlift, although some may disagree with me, these are 4 very basic lifts. also, read the articles here, they are plentiful and helpful.

I agree with JC on this one. Those four lifts are some basic mass building exercises. No workout is complete without them.

I think the T-mag FAQ section answers this exact same question and provides links. Go read it.