getting started

I’m sure this is elementary for everyone here but I am serious about my question. Would someone please direct me to a site where I could get basic information and support in starting weight training, muscle building, nutritional info for a beginner?

I am seriously overweight and am beginning to have mobility problems. I guess that is my wakeup call. I am hoping for serious responses and willing to correspond with anyone willing to help.

You’re already at the right site! :slight_smile:

Go to the search engine at the T-mag site (not the forum) and look up these articles: all Dawg School columns, Beginner’s Blast Off Program, Bodybuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs, all Refresher Course articles, The Missing Ingredient, Top Beginner’s Mistakes (this was in a Dawg School column I think), the Diet Manifesto, Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid, The Essential Berardi part I and II, The Supplement Round-up, How to Build a T-Vixen (you’re female right?) and the FAQ section. That should get you started nicely! Fire up the printer!

do a search on this site. I am also extremely overweight. 256/44% as of this morning (down from 278/48% in 7 weeks. Still very big for a 5’7" 34 yr old female, but its gettng better. I have gained much knowledge from these people. I read all the threads, take notes and workout to the best of my ability. I don’t have mobility problems, so that is not a hindrance to me.

I started in January with Joyce Vedral. joyce 1,2,3 lb dumbbells high reps. That showed me no results after a month, so I moved on to this site. I am making gains and losing fat better than I thought I would. I still have my pink dumbells at home, but I use them on my treadmill now to help me pump my arms when I run.

I hope this helps you. Or at least encourages you some.

Testosterone Magazine is the best one I have found, and the forum is very user friendly. There are million of sites out there but must are big sales ads, so be careful and research any supplement before buying, 99% are crap. Just find a good Fat Burner (good for keeping you motivated) and start a good routine. Also be careful with Fat Burners if you have any health problems with your weight.

I think you’re going to get all the same answers on this question-----this is the site you want. Just search under any of your topics and you will find information. If you have questions on what you read, then ask specific questions. There is an absolute glut of information here, right at your fingertips.

In addition to TEK’s good advice, here are a couple of guidelines to get you started while you begin to educate yourself.

  1. Get yourself into a gym. Or, failing that, start some sort of regular exercise program. Anything is better than nothing, and you can make adjustments later. Just get into the habit of exercising.

  2. Get a calorie counter book and start listing everything you eat. Don’t worry about dieting for the first few weeks, just get a good idea of how many calories you’re taking in per day. This is the absolute, must-have starting point for any dietary plan.

    Once you’ve done these two things consistently for two weeks, log back in here and we’ll set you up with Step Two. Good luck! training forum is excellent for beginers. once i developed over there i came here:)

Here’s a little tip: Make sure that when you’re ready to “roll up the sleeves” and start reading all them articles outlined in the previous posts, that you have the following items: Pad of paper, pen/pencil - if you don’t have a printer. If you do have a printer: print out the articles and make sure you have a highlighter and pen (for notes).

Cup of coffee. Cuz, it's ALOT of reading. So, don't read ALL in one day! *cross eyes*

Sorry, but this is the "anal retentive" side of me speaking.

Oh and definitely start with the Beginners Blast Off Program! Must read!

And just keep us posted as to your progress!

well it seems as if you have gotten a lot of advice. so i wont really give you anything, but congratulations on deciding to change and good luck!

You might also check out Brock Strasser’s “Fat Fast Experiment.” Part I: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION
Part II: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

The Fat Fast is really tough, but if you are motivated and have someone to help you stay that way, you might give it a shot. And definitely consider using a fat burner and thyroid booster and drink tons of cold water.

I think fat fast is too intense for a beginner to start off with from scratch, isn’t it?

Hey Rosie, I just wanted to say congrats on your progress so far. Keep at it.

Not to be redundant, but you’re at the right place. One other site I found motivational and informative before I discovered T-Mag is Hussman Fitness - URL Update It started out as a support page for BFL’ers (yeah, yeah, I know, I hate Bill’s guts too), but does have some good, basic advice. Good luck and keep us posted!