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Getting Started


I’m just getting started and would like to take advise on how to plan my routine. I’m 28, 6ft tall, 11st and slim built, my body is toned but not muscular(no 6 pack,but flatish stomach).

I need to know a regime, in training I need to start to build my body to a leaner/muscalar increaisng my chest size, arm size and build a 6 pack. I also need to know what to take ti give me strength, muscles with the training program, and no band substances please.

Thank you.

look up articles in the magazine. it will tell all. also, while your building chest, arms, and abs, why not build some back, quads, hammys, calves, traps and delts while your at it?

If I were you, I MIGHT try the search engine! If you don’t have enough common sense to that and expect someone to do it for you…you may want to stay away from the weights!!

Do a search in the T-Mag back issues for The Beginner’s Blast off program. Thats a good start.

You sound like every gay dude at the fitness clubs.

Check out Ian kings 6 phase program in Mens Health. It’s a 28 week time investment but it is amazing.