getting started

hey guys, I had some questions on how you get started eating healthier. Right now I eat lots of crap (cookies, pizza, fried foods, sugar cereal) and I want help in figuring out how to turn my diet around. Any advice on food choices, cooking advice (to make bland foods taste better) and meal planning techniques for a guy who works 50 hours a week, would help alot.

Quit being so lazy dude. There’s a million articles on this sight about nutrition. Use the search engine and do your own research before asking something so incredibly simplistic.

How about as step #1, you stop eating the foods you describe as crap? (What a concept!) Then read the article here: Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION

A lot of people will flame you for this type of post, as there is a lot of information available concerning your question on this site and elsewhere. If you are really motivated to improve, start by reading the past articles from this site. This site has a search engine, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Post back when you have more specific questions.

It’s kind of ironic that you’re eating crap both figuratively and literally, as your head is obviously way up your ass. Otherwise, you would realize that there are a couple thousand FREE articles from renowned experts available on this site if you just take the time to click on that little button that says, “Previous Issues.”

A couple of other things. You are already complaining about the “blandness” of nutritious food. Sorry dude, but when your hardcore, food is fuel. Don’t expect everything to taste like mom’s lasagna! Nutritious food does taste good when your used to it, but what tastes good is when your at a club and the pussy is checking you out. In other words, success tastes fucking great. You are also commenting on your 50 hour work week, as if you have an excuse to not train as often. Well, how many hours do you spend watching television? I’m guessing it’s more than six hours a week, which is how often many people train (four wourkouts per week @ 1 hour per session plus travel time). You’ll have to toughen up, do some research, and decide that the sacrifice is worth it. If it were really easy, everyone would look like Arnold. Now stop waiting for us to design your training regimen – read some articles, throw the cookies and shit in the trash, buy some eggs, oatmeal, chicken breasts and lean red meat, and get your ass to the gym!

Great line, man! LMAO!

Please see previous issues of T-mag and other quality fitness publications for good answers to your question. Don’t let anyone intimidate you while you are on your “quest”–no one here has all the answers. Best to you and peace–WWJD?

If you don’t want to spend the time researching on the net (which I too recommend to you!), just go into a bookstore and buy a few of the cookbooks that focus on heart healthy cooking. They will be low on fats, based on fresh foods, and will give you instruction as to what spices and herbs add flavour to foods. I find they are easy to follow and taste good too! Obviously you recognize that the food you currently eat is not the best choice, so don’t continue to eat that way.

Just remember to be disciplined, buy a food log and write all the food you eat down, you will notice how terrible your diet is and you will want to change it very quickly.
Also buy protein powder, and prepare your meals a day in advance, this always helped me because my diet used to be extremely bad, but know I eat very healthy, with the exception of one cheat day a week, and I have got my bodyfat into single digits.


My pleasure. Glad I could brighten someone’s day while making someone else’s miserable:)

First thing first: start by being committed to a lifestyle of being physically active. The diet will most certainly follow. However it helps to get it all together - you’ll have increased energy, besides. One thing to know is just cuz you eat “healthy” doesn’t mean the food needs to taste bland. A good source for tasty recipes and ideas to flavor is the magazine Cooking Light. And they have a website. Go to (or and get some ideas that way, also. I have my own personal chef (my boyfriend) and he comes up with some great ideas for my contest dieting. Also, do you enjoy Japanese or Chinese cooking? REAL Chinese food ain’t fattening and neither does it taste icky. As for Japanese food, sushi is always a good thing. I have a busy schedule, also. What we’ve done is plan ahead and make time for cooking all of our food needed for the week into two days of preparation. Just a hour or two each day.