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Getting Started


I’m a full time student but I’m looking at a bleak summer if I cant get in shape in time.

I’m 15, I weigh 67 kg, I bench 37 kg. But no matter what I do I don’t seem to look any better.

my main goal for summer are to have well defined muscles and a six pack. So if anyone can give me some advice or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated,

Well you should probably read the 4 threads at the top of the forum dedicated to guys just like you. you’re going to need to do exercises beyond just benching if youw ant to have any sort of muscles. It’s already halfway through summer (unless you are in the Southern hemisphere?) So you’re a little short on time and should probably understand that is no short road. You could probably see worthwhile results in about a month since you’re 15.

Someone will probably direct you to starting strength so I’ll leave that to them, but at 15 and that light you will probably feel better about yourself doing dips and pullups as they will build strength and conditioning in high reps which should be doable for you

Read Vroom’s stickied thread. It’s titled ‘Are You A beginner II’ at the top of the beginner forum.

Unless you’re already very lean, you don’t really have much hope of getting a six-pack before school starts again. However, if you decide to continue lifting, you are at a prime phase in your development to lay a solid foundation of strength and muscle for the rest of your life.