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Getting Started with Supplements


What supplements would help in my workout. Taking Grow! now and wondering if also starting with Surge after workout would be the right thing to do.

Also what is the advantage to Surge.....What the hell does it do exactly? Also considering Creatine but have heard that when you stop lifting you get fat...Any truth to that.

Any suggestions would help. Not trying to be Arnold here just looking for a LITTLE more mass and better tone. Don't want to become a supplent guinea pig. JUST THE BASICS.


Just the basics? My general rule of thumb for me on supps is if i can find it in food, then i'm not taking it. I don't know if thats a good rule or not, but i just use creatine, protein and a multivitamin thats it. I could probably afford to use more but thats all i chose and its alright. Works for me. I've heard that about creatine, but i highly doubt thats true unless you stop lifting all together.


In order of importance..

  1. Mineral / Electrolytes
  2. Multivitamin
  3. Protein
  4. Fish Oil

If you take all that regularly, you can start spending money on stuff like special pre/post workout drinks, BCAA's and the like


To build muscle you need adequate protein. Grow! Premium Whey or Metabolic Drive will help you meet your protein needs in addition to food you eat. Surge is an optimum ratio of high glycemic carbs, proteins\amino acids to kick start the recovery process facilitating muscle and strength gains. I suggest you read the article on Surge in the T-Store it explains this.

If one were lean and muscular from eating right and working out and then decided to be a couch potato and eat junk food then it wouldn't be surprising if they turned into a lard ass. Inactivity combined with piss poor nutrition creates fat weak people.

Hope this helps,



thanks for the info. I am not looking to get ripped but would like to tone down and gain just a little mass. Body is 6'5" 235lbs but would like to be about 220lbs with definition. So would you suggest both the Grow! and Surge with Creatine and also how and when to take each.

I used to do the protein shake before the workout about 1 hour and then drink the Surge starting in the middle of the workout and finishing it as I finished my workout. I tell you what I felt like an animal taking Surge. I could lift for 2 hours and feel like I could do 2 more. If I didn't take it I was drained after the 2 hours.


Is Surge really that good, and where can I buy it besides on here, I only 15 and dont have a credit card?


Not to be nitpicky...well I guess I am...but creatine protein and everything contained in a multivitamin are all from food :stuck_out_tongue:


To maintain a high metabolism and feed your body the nutrients it needs for muscle growth you should be taking in a small healthy meal around every three to four hours. You can fit your shakes in as one of these meals in what ever order you like. I use Surge and Creatine post weight workout only and I only hit the weights 3 X per week.



There's no "real food" meal that can compare with Surge for jump-starting recovery after a workout. Also, you'd have to eat half a cow to get an effective dose of creatine. I agree with you that solid, healthy food should be the primary choice for nutrition but supps do have their place.

My suggestion for the OP:

Protein powder for shakes, oatmeal, pancakes, etc.

Surge for post workout recovery (I mix 1 scoop Surge with 1 scoop Grow! Whey since I can't have that much carbs).

Flameout Fish oil. 2 with breakfast, 2 with dinner.

A basic Multi-Vitamin/Mineral tablet for insurance.

ZMA. 3 caps before bed to aid sleep and raise testosterone levels.

Simple, basic, and relatively cheap. Plus, Surge and Metabolic Drive protein actually taste good.

Best advice: Try some of these products and see if you like them!