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Getting Started With Gear

well my first meet is going to be in april! so i want to start hitting some heavy poundages. and am interested in getting some gear. not nesessarilly for then but for future comps. from information i read so far. for deadlift the V-Type Squatter would be best because i pull sumo. so i would just use that for squats oviously too cause i squat wide. for bench shirt maybe Rage X, that looked good. any help would be appretiated. thanks

The metal v-type is expensive for just a single ply suit. For beginners I’d suggest using a double ply inzer hardcore with double ply power pants. WARNING get the power pants a couple sizes too big. They are ALWAYS too tight. You would have to tell me about your benching style for me to suggest a shirt for you. Do you bench with elbows out or are you a belly bencher with elbows tucked? For elbows out you would want to go with an Inzer Phenom or a Titan Fury. If you are a belly bencher with GOOD FORM you can go with the Inzer Rage X or the Titan F6. Or you could use a denim. They all have pretty steep learning curves. But i prefer my denim. If you have any questions you can PM me.

Get double Ply gear only, when your federation allows it.

I was told by some lifters, that the Rage X looses tension very quickly. Titan and eypecially Metal stuff should be more durable.

If your meet is in April, you’re just about out of time. Serious gear, especially shirts can take a while to learn. Suits can be learned in a few straps-up sessions, provided you are already using good form- i.e. sitting back, driving your knees out, etc. Give your time constraint, I would recommend getting some simple, easy to learn gear. The Titan Centurion is a good suit for the money- gopain.com sells them for 85 I think. Personally, I had a hard time making a RageX work with for me- but a lot of folks swear by them. If you do order from Titan or Inzer, use one of their dealers as ordering direct from the manufacturer can take a while. Good luck and welcome to the wacky world of gear.

Metal v-type is awesome… it puts about 100lbs on my sumo dead. Generally they’re real tight in the legs and a little loose up top but it doesn’t seem to hurt its power and nothing beats a single ply suit with straps you can put up by yourself and still get 100 lbs on squat and deadlift.