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Getting Started in MMA


I know this may seem like a stale topic, but I would like to start training in MMA, and don't know where to start. Now, bear in mind, I'm 17, a baseball/hockey player with no wrestling or fighting experience at all. I'm not looking to learn so I can start shit on the street, emulate some UFC fighter or load up on Tap-Out shit.

I am actually interested in the sport itself. That being said, where do I start? Learning to box? I have a Serra traning facility for BJJ near me, should I start with that? All answers are appreciated.



dude what happens when you want to learn how to shoot? you go to the run range

what happens when you want to learn how to drive? you take drivers ed

what happens when you want to learn how to do anything productive in the world? you take a class

how should you go about starting in MMA? how about…TAKE A FUCKING MMA CLASS

jesus, it’s like some people can’t even tie their shoes w/o asking for an opinion from the internet


x2 on what the holymac said

go try a free class
keep in mind not everyone has what it takes. I’d say probably 10% of the guys who train will ever achieve any sort of success… but don’t give up, ever


Start an MMA class, if there is none, do a combination of Muay Thai and BJJ, train at least 5-6 times a week for 5-10 years, then you might be ready :slight_smile:


Thanks for the responses, I guess.


Since you have no experience in martial arts, you need to be able to throw a punch, and know how to put your body in a good position to punch effectively. Buy a boxing or Muay Thai dvd and practice with that. I would also hook up with some wrestlers from the high school, to learn how to defend a takedown. I would avoid Tae kwon do and karate classes, from personal experience, those arts are not taught with MMA in mind.


Thanks mauler. Exactly what I was looking for.