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Getting Started, Few Opinions

Alright alright, I’m a long time reader but probably the most infrequent poster. I’m looking for some opinion/advice and not to be flamed with the “hey your a freakin lardass” comments, I went through to much of that shit when I was growing up.

I am looking to come out of my Fat Boy status and I have just gotten out of the denial phase … “Hi, my name is Raige, and I’m a fat ass”.

I have recently been reading Shugs articles and weblog regarding the velocity diet. I got intrigued, motivated, then I suddenly had the shit scared right out of me…damaged tissue due to big time rapid weight loss, can’t get ultra tight…no offense Mr. Shugart.

My question is, for a severely overweight fat boy, is it best to take it slow to try and minimize the “damaged tissue” effect? Or would a shot of the velocity diet (1 cycle only) to kick start myself be damaging to my future state?

For reference my stats are

335 lbs.
32% fat (guestimate, this is what it was about six months ago)

62 inch shoulder girth
56 inch chest
22 inch arms
48 “waist” 52 around the “love” handles
30 inch quads (weakest link)
19.5 inch calves (gifted there)

The measurements sound good when fat and even look ok when wearing that strategically fitting t-shirt, but I digress. Oh yeah that 52 around the love handle inches is huge and I wear bigger cup size sports bra than my wife, ok maybe my chest isn’t that bad, alright I know I’m not fooling anyone there…I have man boobs (not wicked Phil Mickelson man boobs tho)…sigh

I’ve been hitting the iron for about 16 years (since I was 12) but it has been a sad state that I have allowed real life to take me over the last four to five years and I am only good for sporadic month on, couple weeks off, two months on, four weeks off (i’m sure many of you can relate to this tired common excuse).

I do have a considerable amount of lean mass, which is covered by an equally considerable amount of fat. It really didn’t hit me (like I didn’t know I was fat…lol) until this past Friday. I was walking across Wacker Drive in Downtown Chicago (where I work) and some broad yells at me from her car window “get movin fat ass” as her boyfriend flicked me off. I was with my boss, talk about fuckin embarassing. I also have high blood pressure, pains in my ribcage, lower back, shit posture and it’s time for me to do something about it.

I’m one of those lazy assholes that Shugart mentions in his article that has the knowledge, training experience, and does not take great resources for granted such as T-Nation. I make excuses everytime I get going and it’s about to stop. I’ve read T-Nation and other resources religously for years and I have purchased and watched the Berardi DVD. I have been caught giving nutritional opinion to co-workers and family with the dreadful look of “oh yeah, what the hell does this fucker know about diet and nutrition”.

So please no flames, if you can help me out with some opinion and maybe a few motivational words, thats great, but I have heard every fat joke known to man so please keep any of that to yourself.

In iron brotherhood

I know in addition to all of the creators of T-Nation and contributors to the site, there are many knowledgeable people in this community. Any motivational tips or advice is welcome. Oh yes, and I do understand to really get in shape will take at least a 12 to 18 month commitment on my part to really do it right…so any of you who only need to lose 20 pounds of fat to see that sacred six and hate it, just think of me and you’ll feel all better about your situation.

I think T-mag (and this forum)should “adopt” you for the next 12-18 months. You can be the lab rat for some of these nutrition and exercise programs and we all can watch the transformation that takes place. You can have access to literally tons of expert advice.

Coach Dan John wrote an article for
T-mag with some tips on motivation.

One of his suggestions is to post a photo of yourself on the internet and tell the world about what you’re going to do. If you fail to deliver on your
word , everyone on this forum gets to send you an e-mail and hassle you> Get the picture???Read the article.

Docuement everything you do for the next 12-18 months and it will make a great book…makes lots of dough.

Good luck.