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Getting Started Bodybuilding


Hey everyone my name is Nick, I'm 19, and I'm trying to start into natural bodybuilding. I'm about 6"0 230 right now but I'm still dieting. I was about 280 when I played football and powerlifted. As of right now I'm still trying to get to a point where I can evaluate myself. I wanted to ask if anyone liked organizations such as INBF or MuscleMania, or if anyone has an idea of a better one.

Also how I can get started with someone to evaluate me professionally as I get closer to a competition. This is something I really want to do and is a huge dream of mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My suggestion is to contact a good nutritionist/contest prep person.

Try Skip(not Lacour). PM me for his email address.

Ask him if he's got openings, tell him your situation and goals and listen. His results with himself and his clients speak for themselves.