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Getting Stalked Here at The Nation


I have reason to believe that my identity here has been compromised. Not like I am really trying to hide here or anything...I mean i have an avatar of myself up, my name is pretty much my name IRL, i talk about san diego frequently, i have unfortunately posted in the TILF multiple times despite a physique that does not warrant it (I have learned and am working on it).

I don't think I mind people i am friends with in real life know i post here, it is weird though if they are all watching me post and talking about it behind my back

I am actually just hoping this thread will bring out those friends that have seen me post here so I know for sure


I could just be paranoid

examples of why I think so:

1) 2 weeks ago I post telling akuma I have started to hit my calves hard ever since his bodybuilding calves thread was created. Yesterday I get an interesting comment from a male co-worker asking if i have been working my calves out more. The tone he had when asking it was made me think he already knew the answer and was mocking me.

2) female co-worker says I look good naked, she has never seen me naked, but i have posted in the tilf...nothing TOO revealing though

3) I get made fun of constantly for lifting despite not being that big or strong 6'5'' 225 ~15%bodyfat

4) I have another good example but would rather not share considering it is somewhat personal

anyone else here have any voyeuristic friends spying on ya or are at least paranoid like me?

to be honest, this paranoia of being stalked really makes me want to post a picture of my balls to teach them all a lesson, HA!


I watched you type your post thru your window. I've never been to the TILF thread, but based on what I've seen thru your window, you do indeed have some work to do before you continue to post there.


That's fucked up.

If it's true, then it's just another example of what douchebags most people are.

They seriously don't have anything better to do than stalk you on a website? Lame....


You may be suffering from paranoid delusions.


6'5 you need to hook up with Lankymofo and start a b-ball team.


What's a tilf?


I have internet stalkers, that steal my youtube vids, post obnoxious shit on them, follow me around this board and others to make rude comments...

But no real life ones.


Where do you work that a female colleague would say you look good naked and a dood would ask about your calves?


2 Scenarios....Either you are paranoid, and your openness on this website has you reading into compliments....

Or...Your coworkers have absolutely nothing to do during the day, and find stalking you entertaining.


That's why I don't post face pics except in my private hub. Especially none of me flexing in the mirror.


wise man


^^^^ Iz okay eye can fap to your face NEtime here:



Have you fucked the chick who said you look good naked yet? If not, you're a Mormon


Its not a hidden secret web site. Its open to one an all. Hell all anyone has to do is look over your shoulder as your typing an know what site and maybe your avatar and site name. Next time your hit up at work take the person to the side and ask in a not so crazy 6'5 way "hey are you messing with me man whats going on you keep dropping these lines about my body parts. Be straigt are you messing with me"


Umm...you did post face pix in your "LankyMofo is Pregnant" thread after your son was born. And we all saw the vid of you destroying that cheesesteak sammich.....


Whatchu talkin bout willis? I see your face right there.



I think he needs to get over it. People are beginning to recognize me from this site for some reason and my pics aren't everywhere usually.

People at work can be annoying if they find out you lift at all. That seems to bring out tons of childishness and jealousy out of people.


Exactly... The only exception I ever made was to get into the T-Cell in which case I blocked out my face in most pics or used a fuzzy photo...

Your coworkers sound like douchebags if they really bring up personal shit that doesn't involve them and use it to give you a hard time. I cap on coworkers all the time, but to read thru another persons online posts then mock them in person makes it sound like they're in HS not in a professional environment.


What you have to do now is simple: fake your own death, go deep undercover, covertly monitor your co-workers, and then strike. They will be wondering where you've gone, searching T-Nation in vain for your next TILF post, but it will never come. But when they do check that thread, that's when you unleash DBCooper on them, and make it look like a burglary gone wrong.


Wait, that's not your pic?