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Getting Sore but No Pump with Best Damn Program


New here sorry if this has been covered already. I looked through other posts and did not see anything.
Me and my wife recently started this program. We were going to the gym and hitting one body part a day, and beating it into submission. Every time I left the gym I felt like someone had stuck an air hose in me and pumped up the muscle we worked.
With this program I am getting sore no doubt and am out of breath at the end, but I don’t get the pump I am used to. Should I be concerned with this? Granted I am still working on weights to be used with this rep range, but I start to feel the pump come on and it’s off to next body part.


Are you eating carbs before the workout?


Usually a bowl of oatmeal.


Of course if you focus on one muscle and do tons of volume for it you will get a huge pump… that comes from the high volume territory (metabolite build-up, oedema).

It’s a totally different approach. It’s not for everybody. It depends on your psychological profile and what you expect of a workout. Does it work as advertised? YES! But if the lower pump bothers you mentally it might get you less motivated to train and thus get less results


Thank you for the clarification. I think I’ll trust someone who does it for a living lol. Enjoying it so far. Thank you for the program and insight.


Yes but the fact that it is a program designed by someone who does this for a living doesn’t mean that it is the program for you. I use dozens of different approaches depending on the client.


Found it lol. Just had to get my weights dialed in. Started week 2 today. Almost left my preworkout food on the gym floor.