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Getting Some New Ink (Tattoo)



Most of you guys have seen my ink (it's in my T-Nation
"My T-Nation" photos section of my profile). I have a tribal piece covering my entire back, and have a dragon running down the backs of each arm (mirror image identical).

I'm currently half-sleeving (getting the shoulder to elbow done, all the way around) my arms in flames, to match the dragons.

I'll post some updates and pics if anyone's interested in the progress..


Sounds cool, but that pic is worthless.


I'll try to get better ones. It's kinda difficult to take pics with your own camera/phone and have it come out decent. I'm going in for sanother couple of hours today, and I'll see if they have a camera on hand.


Mr. Roberts, you are supercool.


I have a dragon running down the back of my forearm (there is a pic somewhere on one of the tatt threads) and I am going to have it converted to a full forearm sleeve very shortly.

I will put pics up when I get it done so that people can flame me.


I LOVE tattoos. A lot of my girl friends have sleeves, always liked the way they looked ..

Lookin' good AR. :wink:


So I'm planning another tat and I was just wondering if anyone has a lifting inspired tattoo?


The one thing that I know about tattoos is that you should never look to others for inspiration.

It is going to be on your body for the rest of your life, or at least until they invent that magic cream that washes tatts straight off (I think that my Mum is funding the research into the product)


I agree with that, thats why I go the custome route! But it never hurts to get some ideas and run with them! My first tattoo was my crew teams logo and the second I designed myself, just looking some ideas for my third.


yeah! from the looks and sound of it, it's gonna be cool..