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Getting Snipped


The wife and I have decided we're done having kids, we've got two boys and that's enough for us. anyway, i'm wondering if any guys on here have gotten an vasectomy and if so how it affected your training. I've read that it's not supposed to change anything, but I would rather hear it from someone who's actually had it done.

i'm mostly concerned that it will affect my drive to lift, and my sex drive over all.
any help or input is appreciated,



There can be a higher incidence of auto-immune disorders after getting a vascectomy. The auto-immunity can effect the testes resulting in less testosterone production. This may then lead to HRT for life.

This happens in a MINORITY of cases. Just something to be aware of.


I read about that auto immune dissroder business and it kind of freaks me out. it seems like that's pretty rare, but that would suck in a major way to have problems.


Can't speak from having it done myself(yet-couple of kids to go), but my best friend had it done. He is a training monster, so I know it hasn't affected his training any.

I'm not looking in his bedroom window, but I'm pretty sure it hasn't affected his machismo. At least not from the Guy-talk that gets bantered about.


I had mine six years ago and I've never noticed any difference between now and then.


I had a vasectomy back in 2002. Best thing that I ever did.


There have been a few rather lengthy threads about vasectomies on here already. As for me, it didn't effect drive to lift or sex drive or my auto-immune system (it was messed up before).

I do believe it has led to recurring bouts of epiditimytis (sp), although I can't prove that and there haven't been any definitive studies conducted on that topic. Then again, my vasectomy didn't go as smoothly as all of my friends' vasectomies.

Regardless of what anyone tells you (IMO), anything that alters your body is going to have some kind of effect, whether it's drugs or surgery. You just have to weigh the pluses and minuses to see if it's for you. I can tell you that it's really nice to not have to worry about condoms.



sorry about not searching first, it didn't even occur to me. I've been reading alot of things online and wanted to get some fellow lifters opinions. thanks for the input, DB I agree that no matter what you do it's bound to have some kind of side affect....I was just wondering if anyone had any horror stories.

I think for us the bonus of not having to worry any more would greatly out-weigh the negatives that might come from the procedure....as long as nothijng major came of it.

If anyone else feels like voicing thier opinions or experiences i'm still trying to figure out if I should do it or not.

thanks again.


Did mine about 3 years ago. Went in on a friday and returned to work on monday. Just follow the Docs recomendations (ice and meds).

Sex life with the wife hasn't changed a bit. I did the procedure before I started getting serious on lifting, so I have no input there.

I had to provide 'samples' 3 times to the lab to finally get a thumbs-up that my boys were no longer swimming.

Good luck!


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Shugart wrote an article on it called "Of knives and nuts." I honestly dont think I'll ever forget that title. Awesome.


Have you experienced it? Or are you considering it and want to hear more about it? ---Not that I've had one, but it may help other people help you.


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You did the world a favor!


my wife and I deceided the same thing about 2 kids is enough a while ago, she had steralisation last week, what you think I was gonna let someone snip my balls fuck that send the wife in.


I had it done about 8 years ago....it was a toss up between me getting fixed and the wife getting fixed...lot less invasive for the male to get fixed, so I stepped up...

Didn't notice any decrease in sex drive or training ability. Haven't ever had my test levels checked...I'm under 40 and I don't believe I have low levels.

Weird, weird thing is I just went to the urologist to have my psa test and told him I'd had recurring SLIGHT pain in my right testicle for a long, long time...he thinks it might have something to do with my stitches. Sent me for an ultrasound. Will update when I get results.


Did it three years ago at 44. For me, it was a very good move. No problems sexually or in training. I admit, I didn't know about the reports of lowered T, and it wasn't something the urologist reviewed.


Mainly just did my wife a favor. I wish I was so prodigious as to have done the world a favor. Oh well...


Hahaha, ever the smartass, Zap.


Stay classy.