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Getting Silly 'Fast'

Have we a strength and muscle seeking now jumped on a “crossfit-esk” notion such as fasting.

In my humble opinion fasting has become such a nation wide craze fad such as the master cleanse, colonics, detoxing, organic food and yoga! What is going to be touted as the next best thing in muscle and strength building, getting in touch with our inner child before attempting a lift?

Notwithstanding the fact that there is some minor health benefits associated with a short to mid term fast, I cannot foresee that any reasonably intelligent weight lifter will EVER be convinced that the secret to building more muscle is in not eating!

Give me my Genetic Modified Food! Give me my Steroid treated Beef, Chicken and Pork! Give it all to me in 8 - 10 doses of 500cal each throughout the day and stop feeding me with all this new age nonsense!

Stick to your diets people, whether it be ketogenic, CKD, Carb Cycling, Macro Proportioned or whatever.

Ronnie didn’t fast, neither did Yates or Arnold, not even a “power fast”.

Thank you supplement company, now I know you are selling us BS!!