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Getting Sick?

I used to lift back in high school and due to an injury I had to stop. I’ve been trying to start back up again but I get this sick feeling with a cold sweat (the feeling you get when you are getting very pale), and my hands shake. I’ve been going for a month now and it has happened more often than it has not. I like going to the gym in the morning when I wake up, so I figured it was because I wasn’t eating before I went.

I tried eating a granola bar and drinking my protein shake before and it worked the first day but not the second. Today when I went, I started feeling sick after my first rep on bench. I take a multivitamin, vit d, fish oil, and vitamin c. I also tried taking these the night before to see if that helped, and it did not. I was wondering if anyone had any idea?


It only happends when you go the gym? Could be mold/dust allergy, low bloodpressure? But it doesnt sound good, I think you should go to the doc and tell them what’s up.

A granola bar and protein shake is nothing, I have had the same issue before the best answer is eat more food then look for other things if that doesn’t work. I’m 148 and get about 1800+ calories in before I train.

I’d say it seems like you don’t have enough glucose in your bloodstream. Make sure you eat a big meal the night before along with eating a little something in the morning before you work out. You probably don’t have enough carbohydrate stores to last you the entire workout.

Agree with what DSSG and smallmike said: eat carbs before going to bed the night before (no it won’t make you fat as long as it’s not all sugar), eat more in the morning, or maybe just train later. I personally have huge difficulty working out anytime before tenish

[quote]sheamolt wrote:
I used to lift back in high school and due to an injury I had to stop. [/quote]
Your profile says you’re 19, so wasn’t “back in high school” like, a year or two ago? :wink: Is your injury completely healed?

Does it only happen in the gym or are there any other times/circumstances that cause it (too long between meals, playing sports, etc.)?

I agree with the other guys that on the surface, it sounds like a blood sugar issue. A granola bar and a shake really isn’t much. Try to find time for something more substantial - some healthy fats, complex carbs, and quality protein - toast and eggs, throw a little peanut butter in the shake, or some oatmeal and a shake.

Also, are you having any kind of workout shake during training? Not only will it probably straighten out how you feel, but it’s critical for results in general.