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Getting sick while cutting: What to do?

Here’s the deal. I made some good gains since I started bulking in November and made the decision a little over a week ago to start cutting up to see how they looked. I’ve slowly tapered my calories down, and now I’m at about 2050 per day (120g carbs on workout days, even less on rest days) with five days of lifting per week and only one day of cardio. My bodyfat has gone down from 11.5% to 10.7%. I’ve been using MD6 and the old T2 for about a week now (plus Tribex and M since my last Mag-10 cycle ended), and introduced Methoxy-7 three days ago. Also, I was planning to start Mag-10 once I had gotten closer to my final goal (6%). I’ve been keeping glutamine and Vitamin C high, but, nonetheless, I’m getting sick. Obviously, I’m pretty drained from the low carbs, but my strength hasn’t decreased much if at all. The only problem is that my throat is getting sore and I’m getting a metallic smoker’s-type cough. I definitely needed to take my week off soon, but I was hoping I could finish this cutting cycle first. Being sick really isn’t bothering me, but I’m thinking that my body is trying to tell me to take it easy. What’s everyone’s take? Should I halt the cutting cycle temporarily and go back to maintenance calories until I feel better? Or, should I just take some cold medicine and wait it out? I worry that if I go back to maintenance and introduce carbs too quickly, I’ll fatten up quick. Also, I doubt the headaches that could result from coming off MD6 would help. I would keep the glutamine, Vitamin C, and Methoxy-7 going if I did take time off. Any thoughts/suggestions about what to do and what to eat if I should stop would be appreciated. Thanks.

I got the mild sniffles (for about a week) and a mild sore throat for a few days while on the fat fast. It went away and wasn’t that bad… since then I’ve started using a bit of glut and c. Seems to work aight so far… maybe try increasing the dosage of c and glut? Watch out for mixing cold medicine and MD6, cuz I’ve read that they can contain ephedra and then you might be taking too much then your body can handle. Also cold syrup probably has those evil carbs in it… those bastards…

if you are well enough to continue your workouts and diet do it, but if its costing you in performance relax for a week, do core lifts and eat maintence, just my thoughts

Tomorrow is scheduled to be the only cardio day of the week for me, but I’m planning to skip it and reevaluate how I feel on Sunday. If need be, I’ll take the few extra days, but I’m still going to keep calories low. I plan to only take 2 MD6 on off days, anyway. Freebie-damn straight about those cough syrups-if they’re all going to taste like green death, they shouldn’t be allowed to have carbs! I was thinking sudafed tablets or something along those lines.

At this time of year, i have a humidifier in my bedroom. during the winter, the air is so dry it makes my sinuses crazy and that eventually makes me sick. breathing air with a little bit of moisture has kept me pretty well during the winter months. might want to try

I was hoping it would be a 24-hour flu or something along those lines, but I feel just as shitty as I did when I went to bed last night. I plan to allow myself a few more carbs until I feel better (150 or so). They’ll all be from healthy sources, though. About the only thing that has tasted even remotely appetizing has been protein shakes. So I’ll be sticking with them. I took an MD6 and a T2 at breakfast, and that’s it for the day for those two. I’ll keep the Methoxy-7 going, too. Anyone wanna’ recommend a good cough/cold/flu medication in pill form that won’t screw with the MD6? By the way, I dropped 2 lbs. since yesterday morning, so I’m really pushing water.

are you getting the flu (body aches, headache) or cold (just runny nose and sore throat)? cuz if its the flu then yea take it easy big time, if its the cold its my opinion that you can just ignore it (as I do year after year, course I plan to die a bloody death at 30 fighting to take over canada but that’s beside the point). Good thing is that if you cut calories youre going to lose weight no matter that you take in 150g of carbs. So just keep that positive attitude going. Also the days I got the sore throat I really cranked up the heat in my bedroom, and I think that helped a bit. This happened about a 4 days I started the FF, now (day 19) I blow my nose occasionally, but it isn’t stuffed up and feels clear by the time I hit the gym.

Almost positive it’s the flu. Not to get too graphic, but yesterday, I had headaches, diarrhea, a sore throat, terrible abdominal cramps, and I coughed all night. Today, I’m just weak all over and all my joints ache. No more diarrhea, but my head and throat are still bugging me. Definitely no cardio today, and probably nothing tomorrow, either.


Im sick all the time. I have a low immune system thanks to antibiotics abuse. Anyway when your sick there is nothing you can do, especially the flu. It has to run its course. I have changes my workouts to every other day and now get sick less. Your body is telling you to rest, listen to it.

Have you tried a product called AG-Immune made by Body Wise International. It is designed to improve your natural immune system function. It contains antigen infused bovine colostrum/whey extract, Arabinogalactan, Astragalus, and Maitake Mushroom which all kick start your immune system naturally. I have been using it for about a month and have had good results. I was stuck in a training course for 2 weeks with some guys that had the flu and sniffles, etc., and I didn’t catch it. Check it out.

are you drinking enough - caffine will dehydrate you, as will a keto diet - try to get 4 litres per day. Also try increasing your healthy fats by 20 grams or so.