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Getting Sick on 5x5?

No, not hurling. I do that enough as it is.

Recently I’ve switched over to a strength-focused 5x5 program. Fullbody workouts Monday, Wednesday, Friday, trying a 5rm PR in the major lifts once a week (ie: Monday is DL day, Wednesday is Bench, Friday is Squat.)

Aside from being a little hard on my joints and rotator cuffs I’m making excellent gains in both size and strength. Unfortunately I’ve been hindered by constant colds throughout the last six weeks that I’ve been on the program.

It could be any number of factors, I’m guessing a CNS issue? My sleep has also been a little subpar lately with midterms ramping up - I still get my food and workouts in but I’m averaging about five hours a night.

Is any there realistic way I can prevent these constant and crippling coughs? Lets just assume sleeping more will be difficult.

A PR for three lifts every week?
that seems a little too intense.

I had to cut my workload a lot during my exams (thank God that is done!)

Don’t workout when you are sick! it will ruin everything

I remember one football season, I lost all season’s worth of work just for trying to fight through the flu.

and take a break for a week, bro!
You would be surprised how good it makes you feel, and it will make you want to get back and hit it even harder than before!


5RM on all 5 sets?

Funny this thread is up, I’m doing 5x5 and just got a cold. Not sure lifting is the cause though, been up late nights working as a bouncer, think that is more to blame.

Also, I think if you just have a head cold, lifting through it is a good idea. Drop the volume, but go ahead and lift, and keep the intensity high. I had a great day on the weights yesterday, especially benching, and am glad I didn’t let myself postpone it because of the cold.