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Getting Sick In the Middle of a Cycle

Hi all,

I was doing sheiko the provisional plan and got sick before the last workout of week 2. It will be 7 days between workout 2 of week 2 and workout 3 of week 2. Now what is best to do, start over or finish the cycle?

thanks for all the help

start over. i will be the first to say that while I know OF sheiko, and know that it involves a high frequency of the competition lifts I’d have to actually look at a sheiko program to know how to do it. that said, when you’re on a specific program (as opposed to a plan, a general template) it’s best not to deviate from it. when you start compensating for illness or whatever, you’re throwing the original intentions all out of whack and there’re too many variables to objectively judge what worked, what didnt and what needs to change.