Getting Sick From Lifting

Not sure if this is the right place to be posting this?? Anyway

During the past 8-10 months ive been training with lighter weights and more reps. I use to be doing 6-7 sets of 4-6 reps but during the above time period i was training with 8-9 sets with 10-15 reps.During the past week i have gone back to really heavy training.Ever since i have been doing the heavy stuff again i wake up feeling like shit with a sore throat,sniffles,sneezing and general feeling of i want to kill something :confused:

What im getting it is i did not get a cold or any cold symptoms when i was training with the lighter weights but as soon as i crank it up heavy again i feel a cold coming on as i type this.
Any doctors or people with experience know what could be wrong? adreanal glands? nutrition?
i like training heavy but if im going to get a cold and feel rundown all the time then ill pass thanks :smiley:

Thanks in advance


Im not a doctor. But Im contstantly trying to lift heavier and heavier, with squats, benches, military’s, rows, deads/scap. re.,lunges…etc. An it makes me more acceptable to cold’s. Heavy loads (Squats,Deads,…ect)tax the CNS a lot more than lighter loads, which runs your ammune system down and add any of these: stress,people with cold’s,poor nutrition,…etc…and there’s a good chance your going to catch something. But im not a doctor, and im only talking from my personal experience’s.

1 other thing I forgot to mention. I do get these result more when I take a few weeks off from heavy lifting and then start back on again. Another thing to look at is, when you done lifting do you feel realy drained/feel like pukeing. Because I push my muscles to allmost failure every workout and I feel like shit afterwords. Ill stagger out of my dungeon drained, slam my protien & creatine shake, then feel like it could come right back up.Hope this might help.

Stay strong bomber,


I got staph infection from my gym, does that count?

Got it twice, hellz yeah.

Do you wash your hands after you are finished at the gym? Before making your postworkout meal/shake?
Just stuff to keep tabs on if heavy lifting is making you more suceptible.

Get a checkup to first eliminate the possibility of anything potentially serious, underlying, pain in the ass condition that you didn’t know about. (and maybe didn’t want to know about).

You will probably check out fine though I think, if you are normally feeling OK and only get sick when you hit the weights.

You could try taking some L-Glutamine, personally I have always found it good if getting run-down especially from weights, and other people I have known have said the same thing. Alternatively you should not have a problem with that if you are getting enough protein etc… if nutrition is good.

You might be doing a bit too much work, maybe drop a few sets see if that helps.

Really it sounds like you are right on the threshold of overtraining just from normal life, and you are pushing yourself over that edge. By overtraining I mean, undereating + underrecovering.

You might have some really mild, unknown food allergy also … you might want to take a look at that. If you are allergic to something you eat often, and it is a mild allergy, you will feel a bit crappy, and when exerting yourself, you get those kinds of symptoms, like a cold that doesn’t make sense, flu-like symptoms but no flu, not snotty in the nose, but feels like flu. So you might want to see if it is something you eat … hard to determine though.

  1. get a medical checkup to be sure
  2. try glutamine, protein etc… if you aren’t getting enough, and get diet good
  3. ease up a bit on the sets, see if that helps
  4. look for other causes such as allergies etc… because if steps 1-3 haven’t helped, there is probably something going on there

also, you might actually have a cold?

And some people believe as you lose fat, you release toxins from that fat into your body, and that maybe the cause of symptoms like you described.

Or cripey, it could just be a really damp environment you are working out in with bad air. Get some seaside air.

[quote]HHH wrote:
after periods of intense physical exertion (heavy weights, long sprints), your body is going to need a lot of food in order to recover quickly (by the time you wake up the next morning).

maybe your just over trained and need a week off. after awhile of hard training without getting time off i ended out getting shingles which sucked

imo l-glut is a must - especially if ur having these issues.

It does sound like as soon as you hit it hard, the bodies not coping - check the diet and make sure you’re eating enough.

Add the glut and see what happens - my bet is it will help

Thanks for all the info guys :smiley:

Im feeling a bit better today,could also be hayfever i was thinking as my eyes are getting a little itchy.

Thanks again



i have the same problem from time to time, if i train 4-5x a week for more than a month im pretty much guaranteed to catch something, feel shitty, etc…

i used to do a body part split, so that kept me in the gym more, ive recently switched to a push/pull/legs, so i can put a 3 day week in and not feel guilty…results are ok thusfar, although the CNS issue is real, my push pull is all compound movements, and i dont think i could handle it more than 4x a week tops for too long…

fyi 28 yrs old, training 2 yrs, just had complete bloodwork and everything was ‘normal’…i take at least a gram or two of vitamin C a day as well…this helps…

why dont you lower the volume if you are feeling like shit?

keep changing your parameters until you find a way that makes you feel good besides making you bigger and stronger.

I feel the opposite way than you, in the sense that i feel LIKE SHIT after doing 3 sets of 10 reps. I can do 20 x 3 and feel better than doing 4x10. I only go to ten reps because I feel its a responsibility to vary the rep ranges in order tu keep producing results.