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Getting Sick During Hard Training


Hey guys, I have a competition coming up in 12 days and have gotten sick again. Ill be taking a few days off to try and get 100% healthy and then just try to maintain my strength and technique until the competition. Then im planning on taking a full week off from Weightlifting afterwards as I haven't had an extended break from training (more then 1-2 days) for a VERY long time.

Anyways, just wondering if anyone else finds that they also get sick when training really hard. And if so, what do you guys do to try and prevent it or at least get over the sickness ASAP?



Sometimes you just can't avoid getting sick and i notice it more when my nutrition drops. Take ALOT of vitamin C and eat as best you can usually helps me get over it.


Train through it. Unless I'm running a fever, being sick doesn't affect my strength, and I feel a hell of a lot better during/after the training session than I did before it.


oregano oil helps a lot, that and pound the begins as much as possible


I don't get sick often...if I can get out of bed I can go to the gym. The odd times I am ill enough to not get out of bed I don't go to the gym.

Strength endurance will plummet but your overall limit strength should be pretty good still.



Ensure adequate D3 intake (likely in the range of 30-50,000iu/day for the first 2-3 days)
load up on vitamin c. 6 grams usually does the trick
lots of glutamine, 80g/day would be great, probably 40g/day minimum.
if your appetite is depressed, try to get shakes, greens and bcaas down.


Yeah i was just sick about 2 weeks ago.. I was tired and new it and then I stood up late a few nights in a row and then I caught a bug that one of my family memebers had..

This is where planned days of light activity are important. I know its hard to take time off but if its planned and planned when you see yourself getting run down its a good way to give your immune system the break it needs.. Nothing compares to rest in terms of immune system health... food is naturally important so but its not sufficient in preventing one from getting sick..