Getting Shredded

My purple belt test (bjj) is almost upon me (18th) and it’s time to lose the fat I’ve accumulated. Given the opportunity to focus on a goal that didn’t include a weight class I decided to gain as much lean body mass, and more importantly strength, as possible. I also just didn’t want to diet for no good reason. Being bigger is great on the mat.

But now that I’ve pushed my metabolism up a bit I want to lean right down to see where I can fight at in the spring.

I picked the Get Shredded Diet because I’ve done the VD before and Dr. JB hasn’t lead me astray so far. Plus I love eggs.

Like many others I’ve also decided to post my thoughts, feelings and progress on here. Also I’m looking forward to any advice from former GSDers or anyone else for that matter. I will also be GSDing as Rx’d minus the Power Drive because they are out of stock and I live in Canada. I will be replacing it with sugar free sobe arush drinks (shitty I know). Customs seems to hate me and sends back even legal stuff.

6 days/week I will include 30mins of skipping and then 400m sprints as cardio. 2 days/week of gymnastics training and 2 days of wrestling. I will also include my oly lift strength training, I think.

What kind of strength do you guys think I should do? Should I keep with the oly lift training or hit up more of a body builder style or a fat loss program? The only thing I worry about with the fat loss programs is that I won’t be able to recover well enough like when I did meltdown. Meltdown plus low cal/carb makes for a sore me.

I will break down how it goes when I start on the 20th, Monday.

Also I will be getting a DEXA scan when I’m done to find out how low I got. I’m trying to get one to see how corpulent I am now but I don’t know how it will fly.

My suffering for your amusment. keep me real fellas.


thats alot of volume for the gsd but you are young correct?what do you weigh now?

Don’t just drop straight to BWX10. If you don’t cycle down from where ever you are(probably 3000+) then you will most likely lose strength, kick your metabolism, and sacrafice easy fatloss.

There’s no reason to try and lose fat at BWX10 when you can lose it just as easy at higher calories, and your metabolism wont take such a hard hit in the process if you slowly drop.

Yeah I’m young. And I’ll likely shirk some of the volume when I feel too drained. I’ll basically just make sure to keep at least three sessions per week.

As for easing into it I think that’s what I’m going to do anyhow. I’m just going to start by cutting the non-veggie carbs until next monday. Then Once I get past that week i’m going to drop it off by the day. a couple hundred cals per day.

On a less technical note (no pun, honestly) I did end up getting my BJJ purple belt. So now im looking forward to leaning up. I somehow enjoy the dicipline of it. Very mentally cleansing kinda. Thanks for the hot tips lads. Time for a new challenge.


Day 1:

Good so far. I don’t know if ill eat my prebed meal. I started off on a Abs+ week but I can see ill be looking forward to the HOT-ROX weeks for the appetite supression. I better get some hoodia tea.

Got a little fishing lure box to line up all my pills/supps. Brilliant idea and works for v diet too.

Didn’t train today becasue I have to study and clean my damn house.


Day 2:

Pretty decent. Big training day today. I did both a heavy squats session, front and back (I dont usually do back but my hand is fukzored so heavier fronts piss it off). The training included cleans and some deadlift singles (<in love with).

Now I have to go a work on the gymnastics rings (<also in love with). So I plan on eating all my meals today. Thank god for americano’s with a spot of cream. Throws of my sat/poly/mono ratio but fuck it when it’s this cold (It is cold as a rape victim up here).

On a tactical note, mushrooms and garlic make a great sauce for salads that doesn’t mean shit on the calorie scale, unlike olive oil. I figure i can only use olive oil once per day. Shit is expensive cals wise, but great for evening out fat ratio.

Any body have any clever ideas for boosting polyunsaturated fat, not including fish oil, let me know. I might do salmon next week.


Day 3:

Still ok. The high fat keeps me from being hungry, esp the cheese. Here’s a bit of diet psychology that Chris Shugart would likely appreciate. My mind/body seems conditioned, in the pavlovian sense, to expect carbs after training. After each days training so far it feels as if my craving command center is like “well? Where the hell is the surge asshole? It’s about that time.”

Because I always schedule each cheat meal or carby meal for after training it’s as if my body expects some kind of treat for working hard. When my PWO nutrition is eggs it seems almost anti climactic.

Hooray for splenda based sugar free sodas. Like mug root beer and crush flavors. I haven’t had a soda in about 8 months because the bubbles make me feel bloated and full, not conducive to eating big. But now it’s just the trick to kill cravings and make me feel full until the next meal. Who ever thought these things would be worth a shit.

Training today was some sumo deadlifts I demonstrated to a training partner and then tried to hit my 2 rm with. Turns out I can only pull 365 sumo without having knurling on the center of the bar. That smooth part is an asshole to hang on to. I will have to look around at all the bars next time.

Man my ass hurts from yesterdays squats.


do you actually need to be on the GSD? It seems unpractical to try and cut your BF to below 6% (which is the idea of the GSD) if you’re trying to retain lean mass and keep up high performance in your sport.

Why don’t you try eating by Berardi’s 10 habits to begin with before starting an extreme diet. The GSD wasn’t designed to get rid of excess fat, it was made to make a lean person super shredded.

[quote]hockechamp14 wrote:
do you actually need to be on the GSD? It seems unpractical to try and cut your BF to below 6% (which is the idea of the GSD) if you’re trying to retain lean mass and keep up high performance in your sport.

Why don’t you try eating by Berardi’s 10 habits to begin with before starting an extreme diet. The GSD wasn’t designed to get rid of excess fat, it was made to make a lean person super shredded.[/quote]

yup, What I’m doing is essentially PN but with a calorie restriction. So It’s GSD macro ratios but with extra cals until I’m at a certain level where I might reduce the cals to 10x BW.

The idea is that I’m on a 100% compliance program, but with only minorly restricted cals. So forgive me if it’s not worth making a thread over but at least this way someone might check it previous to doing GSD for recipes, tips and shit that I come across. So until my fat levels hit somewhere below 10% on calippers (getting below 10 on a DEXA is almost impossible, ask Mr. Cressey) I won’t restrict the calories as hard. I’m still no where near massive eating levels, more like 2000 per day. Enough to lose but not too fast.

I’m always on PN year round. I’m just tightening it up by killing all non veggie carbs and lowering the calories, gradually.

I find the training has more to do with composition than diet until you get to 12 an 10. But training and diet produce faster results. I like faster results, gives me time to tune my nutrition for competition in the spring. That extra month I have to play with carbs and see what I need will be worth it when I don’t have to “cut” weight, which suck holy assholes.

so, yeah… thanks for the input. the last few days have been good. switched some of the beef for pork, just to change it up. Found some sausage that has a great ratio. buffalo burgers too.


Making a tasty mushroom soup with beef tripe. Very tasty with lots of veggies, esoteric asian ones at that. That is why I like this better than V diet. Shopping and cooking are quite meditative for me. Although the extra time you have on the VD is nice too.

Thai boxing today went fine, enough energy. Too bad I haven’t done it in years and I suck at hitting.