Getting shredded

I am confused by some of the info and stuff on the market for eliminating any final water retention under the skin to get really shredded. Most of the reading says stay away from Caffiene as it makes you retain water, but, most of the stuff on the market for helping you get shredded contains caffiene. Can someone explain this to my simple mind?

I’ve never heard that caffeine causes you to retain water. Now, if that caffeine is in a soft drink, then yes, but it’s the sodium causing water retention. Caffeine is a diuretic.

Ok, If you are talking about getting shredded like the pro’s than, your out of your mind. first and foremost it is totally unhealthy to be that dehydrated. Next to get their body fat that low to begin with they use heavy doses of cytomel, prescription diurectics, etc., along with anabolics to retain muscle mass, and even with this they can only stay this way for a day, ask Paul, oops I mean Blackenstein. If you have a photo shoot coming up than here is one strategy, that i have never used but has worked for several roid monkeys at a local gym. for 3 week increase your water intake to 3 gallons a day, along with that eat as much iodized salt as possible(I know counter productive) follow this with 4 days of minimal intake of water(1-2 cups)and increase your potassium intake, no bananas don’t count idiot, use potassium pills. Now if this does not kill you, your skin will be so thin on day 4 that people will be able to tell you what your spleen looks like.

Caffeine is a mild diruetic, but just remember that an 8 oz cup of coffee contains almost 8 oz of water. Straight caffeine will have a diuretic effect. There are many books out there about contest prep. I’ve never touched the serious drugs. I tried Taraxatone one time and was going to the bathroom every 1/2 hour