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Hey T-folk! Well, I’m at the end of my 7 weeks of cutting fun… so, how did it turn out? I’m not as lean as I’d hoped. There, I said it… [shrug] I’m down to about 9% at a guess, I’ll get my fat pinched tomorrow to get an accurate figure. I think overall I could’ve dropped the calories a bit more, and done just a bit more cardio. Sometimes I slacked off on the cardio required for Meltdown Training for various reasons, but I think a little more than even that is required. I’m still happy with my results though. I’ve been leaner, but I’ve still got veins hangin’ outta just about everywhere… ok, so how are the rest of you doing???

What’s up Mark? Glad to hear that you’re done with the hell that we refer to as cutting up! I finished up, too, and am glad to be back to bulking up. I got down to 7.2%, and decided that I had done enough, as I have a lot of mass to put on to reach my goal. Surprisingly, my strength is coming back relatively quickly thanks to some more carbs. I’ve been using Massive Eating, and gradually increasing my calories (adding about 50 per day). I cut out the thermogenics and cardio (1-2 times per week). I wasn’t all that happy with my girth measurements, though. I lost 1/2" on my chest, 1/4" in my calves, and 1/2" in my quads. I think that the 1/2" in the chest was mostly bodyfat, but I was already really lean in my legs (which needed a lot of work anyway), so I lost a little muscle there. According to the scale and caliper, though, I actually gained three pounds of lean mass over the six weeks I was cutting up. However, those leg measurements really pissed me off! I’m back to busting my butt with heavier weights (working in the 6-12 rep range for the next three weeks), and then it’s on to 3-6 reps for three weeks afterwards. Plus, Mag-10 is on its way…I’ll let you know how it turns out. Keep up the good work, bro.

Yeah, I start Meltdown in two weeks. After my Monkey Madd Mass Phase I’ve accumulated a little bodyfat (mostly around that fuckin’ “love handle” area god how I fucking hate how that looks). I will also be going on the T-Dawg diet while using T2, possibly MD6, and Methoxy (love the methoxy). My abs are always visible when I wake up in the morning, though their appearence fluctuates throughout the day. I am torturing myself by having a 2/3rds full clear plastic bear filled with my ONE food-related vice: ANIMAL CRACKERS on top of the shelf in the kitchen. Lata.

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I’m starting my ‘recomposition’ phase today. Upped the calories to maintenance, thrown together a 4 day split program with a bunch of interesting stuff to try (and there’s an ancilliary day too), and I’m gunna start Renegade Rope Training. Let’s see if I can carve off just a tad more fat in the next 3-4 weeks before I give the Growth Surge Project a shot! Keep it up boys!

Mark. With summer almost here, and a holiday to Fiji awaiting me in early January, I’m concentrating on ensuring my BF drops further. I’m also trying to improve my performance on the indoor soccer pitch. Fortunately, while these goals conflict in some ways, I’m able to use elements of Renegade Training to get game-ready, while upping my calories enough to have energy for it all, in addition to shedding fat more gradually than before. Might be spreading my bets a little, but its worth a try.

I’m 6 days into my first keto diet, T-Dawg. I took down the calories a little farther than recommended though. I was falling asleep all day in school, I’ve been so tired. Well, when I’m doing something I’m fine. But if I sit down to watch tv or anything, I’ll be out in 5 minutes. Finally got my Fattrack calipers and theyre saying 15.7%, but I would think it was a little higher. If not, fuckin’ great, I want to try MAG10 & Growth Surge, and the sooner the better. Anyways, I’m down about 7 pounds so far, and I know its probably water. But, thats it. Hang in there everyone. -ryan

Anybody have any food recommendations for this type of diet? Hamburger patties and chicken breasts are getting a lil tiresome. What’d you guys eat?

Man, nice timing for this thread to pop up. I lifted heavy and put on mass for about 12 weeks, took last week off completely, and started my cutting process today. I’m staring at a picture of me at 3.8% bodyfat, which helps immensely as its visual proof that I can get that low for my next round of photoshoots. I can’t wait to see how I look with all this extra muscle! Best of luck T-folks.

Well, nobody has posted in this thread in a few days so I will bumo this with my own update. I am currently on day 12 of FF and have lost 5-7 lbs so far. However, I look quite leaner than 5-7 lbs so I must be at a minimum retaining muscle.

I am taking T2 (original) and MD6 (original) 2 &3 caps respectively. I have been doing Meltown Training, but no religiously. I have also started playing hockey 3 days per week for my cardio.

Diet: 5 meals (1600 cals) and used Thanksgiving as my one cheat meal(s). I started up around 218/220lbs @ 13-15% BF. I want to get back down to 195lbs and I don’t really care about muscle loss. I can gain that back pretty easily.

please, if you read this and are on a cutting program please post regularly. One of the biggest reasons I chose FF was due to the support group of people that existed. Let’s not let that die. It does matter.


Day 9 of T-dawg/meltdown. Up until yesterday I was down 11 pounds from 191, I don’t even want to know today so I’m not gonna check. I ate like a pig yesterday… and today starts the second week of meltdown, 4 sets of each… so hopefully I’ll burn a good chunk of that deadlifting. I feel like total shit today, yesterday I REALLY carbed up… but I compete with my cousins every year seeing who can eat the most so there was no way I was skipping out. But back to it, no more days like that until I’m finished. Keep it up guys.

Heya Shred-heads. In order to maintain the lean mass I gained, I want to do some sort of anabolic supplement. I love methoxy, but I’ve just gone off of a month-long cycle. I still have a good 1/3rd of both my Nandro and Androsol left from my mass phase. I’m thinking of perhaps combining the two into one bottle and using that along with T2 and some non-ephedra thermo. Whatcha think? Will the Nandro/Andro work well even when I’m on the T-dawg diet? Thanks.

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