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Getting Shredded - Postpartum


Hi there,
I'm looking for some advice to help me shred my last 10-15 pounds of fat off my body as well as help with some postpartum recovery. Specifically my belly is still very mushy.... I usually work out 1.5-2 hours a day 6 days week, at least 30 mins cardio and the rest either HIIT or weight lifting. I'm also on a anabolic diet and eat 25 grams carbs per day. Is this overkill? Any advice would be appreciated. I've been training like this since mid-March.


25g of carbs each day is very low especially since you are training so frequently, doing cardio and running after a little one on top of all that. You must be one tired mom! How long ago did you have your baby?
Don't worry about your stomach still being "mushy" it will take some time for your body to get back to normal after giving birth and take it slowly when you are starting to train abs again.

I would recommend to you the same supplements I used after having my boys. Since you are currently doing very low carbs I would slowly start to add some more into your diet because you need these for fuel and recovery. The rest of your diet can be adjusted accordingly to accommodate them. Your best option is to use Plazma during your workouts. Start with 1 servings and sip it throughout your workout, it will give you the nutrition you need to keep intensity high during the workout and aid in your recovery... I also find that it keeps my energy levels high for the rest of the day and I definitely need! Indigo3G is another one of my favorites, you can take 6 capsules of this preworkout (before you drink your Plazma) and it helps you absorb and utilize the nutrients from the Plazma. I experienced very dramatic body composition changes while using these together and lost fat much faster than expected postpartum.

Hopefully this helped you a bit. Good luck!! :slight_smile:


Up your carbs for pre workout meal and try this...