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Getting SERIOUS...

Ok guys. I’ve been hanging around these pages for a few years. Every now and then putting my 2 cents in, but basically I’m a keyboard jockey. I work in England as a Lifeguard and Fitness Instructor, and as you can see from my profile I lack what would be considered a physique or the fitness level for those jobs.

I had what Chris Shugart terms a “pheonix moment” the other day at work. The Gym team were running some fitness tests and for fun I thought I would have a go. Oh what a mistake!!! I looked at the scores for the tests 60 press-up’s (and that was a girl!), 211 bodyweight squats (same girl!) 4 1/2 mins plank, 72 sit-up’s (in 1 min), 5:32 mile run. I looked and thought how tough can it be. right? I scored the following…

Press-up’s 20
Squats 30
sit-up’s 42
plank 1:32
Mile Run 10:01

As you can see, I Was DESTROYED by my peers. The very people I work with laughing at my feeble attempts at fitness.

So I came here to start a training log. I want to make myself responsible for my fitness and to show what I’m doing to YOUR to get help and encouragement…

I’m so tired of being afraid to take off my shirt in front of people, of having to reach for the bigger size, not because of muscle but because of fat. I’m declaring war on my body. Fat will fall and muscle will rise to the fore. I will run like the wind and for longer than 30 seconds.

So here’s the plan…

Mon Full Body Workout

Tue HIIT and/or Swimming

Wed Full Body Workout

Thur HIIT and/or Swimming

Fri Full Body Workout

sat OFF


Eating is a slight issue. Can’t afford much so sticking with the staple chicken, Tuna, Rice, Pasta, As much veg as possible. Adding Olive Oil to things for clean calories.

I’m Going to try and post my training every day. If I can’t get to a computer I will post all I’ve missed.

I’ll be starting on Monday the 29th and I’ll post some starting pics before then.

If anyone can suggest something better or more food options I’d be greatful for any help.

Thanks in advance guys. Wish me luck


Best of luck Dave!!

Sometimes it takes a swift kick in the ass to get us moving in the right direction :wink:

So today was the first day… and I fucked up. I couldn’t drag my lazy arse out of bed this morning and ended up missing my weight training session. I swam during my lunch break which I suppose is something but I don’t plan to make a habit of this and if I do I expect someone to give me a hard time about it!!!

Todays swim looked like this:-

1 Length (rest as needed) x14 (350m) 15 mins

Not a great start but I believe the only way is up from here!

Got in the gym today and boy was it hard work. as you can see from the numbers my strength and conditioning SUCKS!!!

5 Mins stationary bike warm up.

Assisted chins-- 12,10,8 reps 54kg Assist :frowning:
DB shoulder Press (standing) – 12,10,8 reps 12kg DB’s
Bent over rows-- 12,10,8 reps 40kg
Squats-- 12,8 reps 50kg

Not quite a full body workout but I felt it. Squats felt good though and got nice and deep.Need to strech out more as I feel stiff.

todays swim was the same as the last. felt a little easier though.

measured my arms and chest today.

Arms-- 16" (flexed)
Chest-- 47" (Relaxed)50" (expaneded)

a little scared to do my waist or quads… :S

everything aches. :frowning: still made it to the gym though.

3x12 external rotaions
3x12 revrse fly’s

Cleans from the floor 2x5 50kg 2x5 60kg

3x10 incline db press 20kg db’s

3x6-8 assisted dips 45kg assits