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Getting Serious

I’ve been training haphazardly for the last couple of years, but been off for the last 6 months and that gotta change.
Starting Monday, I’m starting with my brother. I work 7 days (or rather nights) and have 7 days off. The plan is to work out 8 days (Sunday to Sunday) and then take 6 days off, but how to avoid overtraining while still getting the max out of the training?

We’re going to train at home. We have a bench, squat-rack and a high/low pulley. Nutrition-wise we’re sorted, we’re gonna do a clean bulk.
The goal is to be slightly better looking when we go to Greece at the end of June, giving us 6 work-out weeks… alright, so the improvements might not be noticeable, but at least it’ll set us up for next years vacation.

The plan as of now:
Waking up at 8: do Matt Fureys Dynamic Stretching.
Around 10: warm up (5 min on a rowing machine or jump ropes), lift weights following the Upper/lower body split program from exrx.net, stretch.
In the evening: Foam-rolling.

As for the schedule, I’m thinking:
Sunday: Full body compounds
Mon: Core & GPP
Tues: Lower body, light
Wed: Upper body, heavy
Thurs: Off
Fri: Lower body, heavy
Sat: Upper body, light
Sun: Core & GPP
Then for next 6 days: HIIT running, walking and maybe some bodyweight work. Rinse & repeat with more weight.

So my question is: Is this too much? I know that we’ll probably need more rest, but we tend to be lazy, unless we work out every day.
Thanks in advance

You’re the only one who can tell what is too much for you. Try it, and see how it works.