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Getting Serious in 2006


Let's hear it. What crappy excuses do you have for letting your discipline and your progress slide in 2005?

Then, once you have that tripe out of the way, what are you going to do about it? Are you going to wallow in self-pity and lack of results and blame genetics or are you going to get serious and make it happen?

Pesonally, I like to wallow in my failures for a short period of time so that I can get thoroughly disgusted and hence very motivated...

I have ten more days of lamentation about scheduling woes before I open a big can of whoopass on my slacker ways!

As many of you know by reading some previous threads, I'm leaving my "sit at a desk and grow your ass fat" day job and figuring out a gym schedule to take maximum advantage of it. It's also time to dust off my food log and start abusing ye merry old article archives.

Release your secrets dammit!

I know that everyone has different situations, but what are YOU going to do in 2006?


I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions. Anything I needed to fix in my diet or my scheduling has been adjusted by now. I honestly think using the beginning of the year as a time to change where you have been fucking up is a great way...to fail in two months.


I don't generally subscribe to New Years resolutions either. But I do believe in setting goals.

Since I am finishing up the best year I have ever had as far as muscle gains go (30+ pounds of lbm gain)- I went ahead and set a pretty lofty goal for 2006 - and that is to finish my 3 year plan of hitting 250lbs @ sub-10% BF in less than 2 years.


I've only been training for the past 6 months, mostly for fat loss, so it's actually been a good year for me - mainly because I started doing something about my body comp.

I'm currently bulking my way into the new year and will probably do so for the next 2-3 months.


Well, I don't feel as though I screwed up significantly in 2005; made some substantial gains in strength, actually, especially in leg work. But a recent blog pointed out that many of us would be shocked to find out how small we really look if we lost BF has inspired me to try the Velocity Diet right after New Year's. I'll use it for 2-4 weeks--I don't feel the need to get super-lean or even see "ripped abs"; I just want to eliminate the love handles. Then I'll (according to the blog) be in a better position to add LBM without adding BF.


I am going to apply my ability to procrastinate to my ability to procrastinate. If I can put off putting things off, I should get a lot done.
Realy the past year wasn't bad. I gained about 10 lbs. and all of my lift went up, set a couple of p.b.s .

Next years goals may be to add a ghr and revers hyper to my stuff. That would be about it. Or maybee just learn to weld and start building my own stuff.


Yeah, I remember you talking about that a year ago or so.

My own thought is that the easiest way to fail is to simply not start. So, if the time of year gives you an artifical lever point, so be it. If you can create a habit out of that motivation, then you've gotten something powerful out of it.

Who knows?

Congrats to those making great progress, and a kick in the seat of the pants to those that haven't set goals and done what it takes to work towards them...


I don't know - if something is worth doing then why does it has to wait to be started on 01-Jan-(insert your year) or later?

Bit of a hijack: I work at a big retailer in NZ and this New Year Reslolution thing is totally commericalised here like Xmas and Valantine. For example, you see this all over the place here at the moment next to Xmas adverts:

  • "Want to get fit and toned for the New Year summer? Join (insert your own weight loss program company) today and loss 10kg in 10 weeks!" or

  • "Buy this exercise bike for $XXX from (insert your retailer here) to get the body you always want!"

Retailers plan this as an event like Xmas, back-to-school (happens on Feb here) and Valentine's day. It means it is offically on business plan and we will push on stuff like exercise equipment, sport shoes and "health food" etc. so the customers can "get the body they always wanted". Pretty much like stationary, books and kid's clothing for back-to-school.

Is it safe to assume it is pretty much the same over America?

Geek boy


I am not setting typical New Years goals such as losing weight or finally finding Mr. Right... but I do have things I hope to accomplish in the coming year.

Mentally, I want to succesfully integrate classes with my job and be well on my way to finishing my degree by this time next year.

Physically, I want to continue building strength in all my lifts and reach certain ridiculous numbers for my squat, dead, and clean&jerk.

Spiritually, I want to come to peace with my inner demons and move forward with a confidence and zest for life, no matter what it brings me.


My goal for the new year is to find a girl with a really nice ass who has at least a college education (or is getting one) and likes to lift weights thus understanding why I need to go everyday. She will also know how to at least cook a meal while not getting so attached that she calls me all day long at work.

and when I get home....and when I'm at the gym...and when I get home...and right before she comes over...and when she's outside in the car...and while she's knocking on the door. Oh, and nice toes and who also brushes her teeth several times a day. Also, she will not ask the usual, "Are you married and do you have kids" within the first 3 seconds of meeting her and she will not have any kids over the age of 3 or expect me to be "insta-daddy". She will also think pre-nupts are great. Thank you.

Oh, wait, was this a request line?


I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions and, quite frankly, I may even boycott the gymn the first week in January. OVT ends 12/31, and I haven't taken a week off for several months. Plus, I can skip a week of the temporal crowd.

However, I will continue to improve my diet and do a better job of switching my workouts up every four to six weeks.


Okay, admittedly, the gym sucks ass in the new year when so many people join all at once.

However, I think you folks are swimming upstream complaining about human nature and the concept of the New Year.

Heck, why don't you just ban Christmas? Oh wait, that is a question best left for the politics forum...

Life is short, celebrate it whenever you get an excuse to, even if it is as silly a reason as the start of a new year!


Fuck it I'm just going to start tomorrow what I was planning for 2006. I'm going to start keeping a food log again.


ProfX - this is about new year's resolutions, dude. Not making a damn wish before you blow out the candles on your birthday cake.

But if we are taking oreders - I'll have what you are having.


I ended a 3.5 year relationship with the woman I had thought I would spend the rest of my life with. I have almost no memory of July. August was a bit better, as I clearly remember being extremely tired and hungry for lack of sleep or a normal appetite. I'm giving myself a pass on how my training went off the rails this year.

Until there's an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind option available, I'm resovled to feeling awful and doing it anyway. I lost 60 pounds of fat and added to all my compound lifts prior to going insane mid-year; this year's goals are 300/375/450 for flat bench, squat and deadlift, and to hit <10%bf by July 1st.


Woohoo I gave it to myself good in 05! I opened a 2nd store of my family's business and gained 30ish lbs of flab. Yay! Ok joking aside, 05 really wasn't a great year for me overall, so in 06 I plan to lay waste to those 30lbs and take off some more aswell. So overall goal is to go from 235-185ish. Cheers!