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Getting ripped

Hey this is my first post so i wanna say, DAMN THIS IS THE GREATEST (i mean the greatest) FREAKING site in the world… God bless you TC, mr. waterbury and all you “dogs.” I’ve found so many awesome articles on this site that have pushed my nutritional and training envelopes to the max.

So check it, i’m 165lbs, benching 250, 5’10" 9%bf by no means am i huge, but i’m symmetrical well proportioned.

The Dilema…

I’m going on vacation in 3 weeks. So tommorrow i’m gonna start a sick Rippage phase. I plan on eating 8 times a day (already eating 8 times a day, but way too many calories to get cut) and taking ECA stacks.

I’ve always been able to diet down and lose fat effectively, but i wanna be ripped to the gills this time.

I love ephedra, and cardio in the morning is no problem.

Based on my information, how many calories should i be eating daily? I was eating 3000/day during my growth cycle. During maintenance i eat around 2000. I want to be at 4-5% (if possible) and i’m about to do any… i mean ANY natural thing it takes. What Macronutrient ratio should i be eating? Supplements? Training methods?

I appreciate any suggestions, thanx


Mattwray posted this on anotherr thread on much the same topic yesterday. Hope it helps.


Wait a minute. You’re 5’10", 165lbs and possibly 9%? I say “possibly” since I have no idea of how you came to this BF%.

Okay, so let’s say you are: you now want to get “ripped”? I’m sorry, but below 10%, even for males, is pretty low. If you’re not impressive looking now, maybe what you need is a bit more mass.

With more mass, your body will definitely fill out. And even 10% or 11% of bodyfat, you’ll look much more impressive. I know, since my boyfriend is 5’10" and had bulked up to 185lbs from 160. He’s around 9% easily and it looks MUCH better. His plan is to be 210 by end of Summer.

You will seriously lose LBM in trying to attempt your goal of 4-5%. You should definintely spend your time eating for maintenance or just eating and training hard/heavy to gain LBM.

if you get down to 4-5% youll probably be about 150lbs at 5’10. i dont think you will impress too many people looking like a holocaust survivor. your already 9% thats lean enough. strart freaken eating and gain some size!

The lower your bf%, the harder it will be to lose fat without losing muscle in the process. At 9%, your abs should be visible. Are they? This doesn’t mean onion thin skin, but you should be able to make out the six-pack. You only have about 150lbs of lean mass. Work on improving this number first and foremost before thinking of bringing the bf% down. By bringing up lean mass, without working on bringing down bodyfat, your bf% will naturally come down because of the added lean mass. Like the others have said, if you get down to 5% now, you will only look skinny. I feel like I’m repeating myself, this is the third or fourth time I’ve given out this advice this weekend.