Getting Ripped

I am 27 years old, 85KGs, 12%Bf and 1,84m.
Recently i decided to compete, but i have no ideas about how to get really ripped.
Sure i know to cut down carbos, increase protein and reduce fat intake, but i already do that and the minimum BF% that i achived was 10%, perhaps you could indicate me some information on this site with somekind of caloric table for me to follow. I am certain that i’m doing something wrong so all help is welcome, also do you think that taking mag10 will help me not to lose lean muscle mass during diet. Thanks Guys

I would go through the previous articles section and find some articles by John Berardi, specifically I would look for his Don’t Diet to help with your cutting phase and his Massive Eating articles to help you with your meal combinations.

Once you do that and you still have some questions you will be able to ask a more specific question that people here will be glad to help you with.