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Getting Ripped

Hey guys, I have a question for all t-maggers…I am going away to Florida on Christmas…my goal is to lean down as mich as possible in the next month…I have been lifting for a couple of years, and have had sucess getting cut up while taking in about 150g of carbd and about 200g of protein a day…I also have used Ripped Fuel with good results…I think that I am disciplined enough for the Fat-Fast diet but I don’t know if it is nessesery to go that extreme…So my question is what diet have people had the best results with in the short run, not as a lifestyle…any comments would be helpful…thanks

Try the T-dawg diet, it is not as extreme and I have gotten excellent results from it.

I learned the hard way that those diets suck. My Hormonal profile really suffered. I believe go with what brought you there and what you will be able to maintain. I think carbs are beneficial especially when it comes to thyroid output, metabolism, sexdrive, workouts, T Levels, well being etc. Plus I don’t think brocks results were that impressive 11% big wow! and most of it I bet is because of the massive amounts of water lost and such a debilitating diet!

Thanks Nate, is there anything you would change from the diet as outlined in Issue 2 of T-Mag/??? Or any other things you have added to the diet. Thank You

Also using the formula…I would take about 2600 calories// 270 grams of protein/ 30/70 Grams of Carbs depending whether I was working out///and the rest from Fat///I weigh 170 pounds so how many grams of fat would you recommend Thank You Nate