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Getting Ripped Support Group Version 3.0

As much as I hate to see the other thread go away at something like 200 responses, it is getting a bit long. If you haven’t already, read through the Getting Ripped Support Group and Getting Ripped Support Group Part 2. Use the key word “support group” in the subject box and you can pull up the threads. Let’s keep this thing going guys. Keep up the good work and keep shedding the fat!

MC, yes, your goal is very attainable…and btw, even though you may have lost a considerable amount of water weight, it couldn’t have been “all” water…regardless of what the calipers or scale say. You just don’t reduce calories like that without any fat loss over a weeks time…at least a pound, if not more was fat…keep it up.

Joel - Do you have the reference for the tylenol study? I’d love to take a look. If it’s in PDF form, can you send it to me. Thanks.

Good job so far buddy. Hey regarding getting down to 8-10% in another 8 weeks. You have a shot, but it means that you need to lose about 2lbs of fat per week. How much are you losing right now on average? Your 226 at 16% right now, (36 Fat, 190 Lean). You need to drop about 16 more pounds of fat and hold on to most of your lean to get slightly under 10%. You’ve done great so far, but I would expect that it could take a little longer than 8 more weeks especially since it is at the end of one of your cutting cycles.

T.A. Trappe, et al., “Influence of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen on Skeletal Muscle Protein Synthesiss Following Eccentric Exercise,” presented at Experimental Biology 2001, March 31-April 4, 2001, Orlando, Florida.

I left a post to you both at the end of GRSGP2…not sure if you viewed it.

Hey guys. I am very ahead of schedule to reach under 10 percent by mid July. So, that is happy news. However, I am going to have to take a week or two off from training. I was in a huge car accident where my truck flipped more than a few times and, unfortunatly, was totaled. Luckily, I just kicked the door open(it was stuck) and dusted myself off. I am very, very lucky. Aside from some extreme soreness, I am no worse for wear. Now for a question. Is it possible to lose weight in big spurts. I have been in a sticking point for awhile, so I really broke down on the amount I ate, the amount of aerobics I have been doing, and consistently taking supplements. And, within a 8-9 days I was 12 pounds lighter. I am not too sure what the hell happened.

I have a set of Accu-Measure body fat calipers and I measured myself with the 3 site test that Jason N. recommended (enforcegraphics site). Well I got 8%, but I know I’m not 8%. I can see my top 4 abs and the outline of my 2 lower abs and figure I’m around 12%. My question is when using the Accu-Measure calipers how hard to squeeze. They have a lever that when you are measuring it it presses into a hole. Should you measure until the lever presses into the hole or just till it is snug? It seems a little snug when it finally presses into the hole and can make a difference of 4-6 mm. Any help would be appreciated.

Jason L.

Jason: How’s the certification going? Was just wondering…

Saw the post Joel, thanks.

JasonL - with the Accumeasure calipers, I pinch very slowly until I hear the knob click into place. If you push to quickly, you will squeeze too hard and get a measurement that is too low. Standard skinfold calipers have a built in resting tension that applies the squeeze for you. That’s nice and all, but there are a lot of problems related to that too, including how long to hold the calipers in position. As for the actual number that you get (8%), recheck with the 3 site equation and remember that consistency and the ability to show a change from point A to B is the key to body composition measurement.

Patricia - Certification is coming along ok (Specialist in Sports Conditioning via ISSA), but with the job change I have not been able to put as much time into it. I'm basically done with the materials and have to finish the written test and make my video. I should be done by the end of May.

Joel - thanks for the reference. Back when I was doing ozone exposure research, the only painkiller that the subjects were allowed to take before a testing day was tylenol because it was not considered a serious anti-inflammatory. I'll pick up the journal article as soon as I get the chance.

I don’t know what to tell you. I’d need to know all the details, like when you measured, any body composition changes, changes in diet, training, supplementation, etc. As a side note, I consistently weigh about 4-5 lbs less in the morning after a night of sleep and going to the bathroom in the morning. While on a high calorie bulking cycle, the AM/PM swing got up to 10lbs in one night, so the time of day that you measure could hugely impact your body weight changes.

Jason. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice on the ALA and timing of carbs. I need to fess up though and admit that it hasn’t been a total fat fast. I average 8 budweisers and 2 shots of jagermister every evening. I just realized that honesty is the best policy because I re-read the bud nutritional information again and realized it’s wrong on the can. It says 145 calories, 10.6 grams of carbs, 1.3 grams protein, 0.0 grams of fat. I thought I was only taking in 90 to 100 grams of carbs per day but I just did the math and if a gram of carbs and protein each yield 4 calories then there should only be 48 calories therefore if of the 145 calories 130 of them come from carbs the beer has 32 grams of carbs in it and I have been taking in 256 grams per day plus 10 more from metamucil and I just had a revelation. I’ve lost 30 lbs in six weeks and have dropped five notches on my belt (I had to by a new one). I only lost .5 on the arm measurement and 2 or three on the chest so I’ve done pretty well. How much water weight is usually lost on a diet anyway? I’m guessing 10 lbs. I read on one of the other posts that if using Meltdown you need carbs for lactic acid in order to release growth hormone. I did German Body Comp training which is supposed to do the same thing. Alcohol burns faster than any other food in the body and since I worked out at 5 am I had enough carbs for lactic acid and they were burned by the end of the workout and I went into ketosis until the clock struck happy hour again. I believe I am onto a scientific breakthrough here. I will post Greg’s Budweiser and Jagermeister path to success program later. Well…come to think about it. I did take 25 of t3 per day for the first 3 weeks and switched to t2 pro and gugglebolic. For those of you who were wondering I didn’t miss a step going from t3 to t2 pro so the t2pro does what it’s supposed to. I was taking the new md6 the entire time also. I’m about to switch to the old formula. So it could have been that. I guess the only way to know for sure is to gain 30 lbs of disgusting fat again and try the path to success without the t3. Any volunteers?

I’ve been averaging 1.75 lbs/wk. loss. Which is the average of the 2nd 4 weeks, since the first 4 weeks I dropped a ton pretty quick… the 1.75 being the average, a lot of that came in spurts. I’ve back to taking mag-10, one dose a day, and I’m going to shoot for 4-5 days a week of cardio (instead of 3) to see if that’d help. I’m not planning on decreasing my calories, but adjusting to add a bit more protein maybe. I really think I could get to 10% in 8 weeks, but I doubt any more than that. Sorry it took me awhile to respond, I haven’t been to a computer the past few days.

I don’t exactly know what to tell you. Good job so far, but if you are even going to really succeed in the iron game, then you need to ditch the alcohol. As a side note, the extra calories in beer are coming from the alcohol in the beer. Alcohol is not listed on nutritional labels (it’s not really a useful nutrient) but it does contain about 7 calories per gram.

If you are going to take a dose a day of Mag-10, then please drop the calories! There is absolutly no reason to keep them at their current level; it’s a waste of the product. With the anabolic properties of Mag-10 you will not lose lean mass provided that you keep protein intake relatively high.

Ok. sounds reasonable. So, if my LBM is about 190, then I would think it would make sense to drop my protein down to 190-200 grams. Then I would assume I should drop my calories to 1600-1800… it would be about 800+ in protein, 300 in oatmeal, and the rest in good fats.

I did Cy Wilson’s Steroid diet and it worked well for me. Since protein requires more energy to digest (more than carbs and fat), 1.5g/lb of LBM is suggested. Fat should come from EPA/DHA only; 6 grams total. Carbs are essentially 0, but I used a scoop of SURGE both pre and post workout on my workout days and still got good results. You’ll probably lose more fat this way because your eating more protein (thus burning more calories)…but not everyone is keen on very low carb diets.

The other approach would be to go with Bill Roberts recommendations of 8 cal/lb LBM (~1500) with protein equating 1g/lb LBM (800 calories), and the rest from EPA/DHA and carbs.

Okay, dangnammit - you guys and your intense commitment to get lean has made me do something that is crazy (at least for me): I’m gonna cut the “cookie a day”.

It ain't scientific, but I know by cutting out that really, really tasty fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, I'm gonna get a bit leaner. I won't cut out the "beer one/two day a week" - NO, I WON'T!!!! The sun's out, spring is definitely here in Portland - so it's time for me to UP the intensity - the damn cookie's gotta go.

Tomorrow is day three of the 5x5 program. And man, feel soreness today from Days 1 & 2. GREAT!!!!!

Jason N: cool, kinda curious as to the new/updated ISSA program.

CKD is going well. So far I’ve been dieting for 5 weeks, carbing up every second weekend for a 24hr. period. I’m using HST style lifting and no cardio. So far I’ve dropped 23 lbs and two belt notches. My strength has increased a little and I think I may have even added a little LBM. I started tanning two weeks ago which always makes me feel a little better when dieting. Tan fat always looks better than white fat. I screwed up my carb up last night. I was working nights and a church group came in for a tour of the fire hall. They brought us a huge basket full of pringles, crunch and munch, giant snickers bars, cookies, candy and pop. I stuffed myself. Then we had a big fire that went most of the night and I must have had 6 donuts and a quart of coffee. At least the fire happened while I was carbing up. Fighting a fire while in ketosis really sucks.