Getting Ripped Support Group Part 2

Jason N. started this thread almost two months ago it seems, and it’s kind of dropped off. i was curious to how things were going for everyone.

geez… i guess everyone fell off the wagon and got fat again !! :slight_smile: not me though !


I’m glad to see that you are still on the wagon. I’ve had a pretty crummy week. Basically a lot of indecision about whether to keep cutting or continue bulking. I’m sitting on 195 lbs at about 11% body fat. I’m not happy with my leanness, but I don’t want fade into the shadows when I put on my clothes. As I mentioned, I’m 6’3" so 195 is pretty light, but I’m also still too soft. My other problem is that my project ends in 2 months and I’m beginning to look for a job. I’m not sure whether to put the time into looking real good with my shirt off or into filling out my clothes. Anybody have any ideas? I’m torn right now and not making any progres in either direction.

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I wasn’t on the last thread but I started a cutting cycle about 4 weeks ago. I started at 171 and am now 163(5’7). I’m using the t-dawg diet at 2000 cals. and it is working pretty good. I couldn’t see my abs at all and now I can see an outline of all six just no cuts in between yet. The only thing I don’t like about the t-dawg is slow recovery. I know it is the reduced carbs. I was actually on a 40P/40C/20F diet of 2000 cals for fist 2 weeks but now that I switched to the t-dawg the fat is falling off. I am also boxing 3 nights a week and hitting heavybag/jumproping 2 other nights for cardio.

I just wanted to know the final results from the guys in the first thread that have finished their cutting cycles. Eric, Heb, anybody else want to let us know what the final results were…-Jason Norcross

dude, just take it easy for a bit, sounds like you got a lot going on right at this moment with work… as far as me, i’ve gotten from 254 to 232. my weight loss has finally slowed down significantly this last week, only loosing about a pound. (6 weeks total) i figure i’ll look what i want to look like at about 210-215. (at 6’2", that should put me at 10%, give or take a couple %) which that may take another 6 weeks or so…i don’t think i’ve lost any muscle, doesn’t look like it and i’m still about as strong. that MD6 haas helped tremendously with cravings and weight loss.

hey guys… have you all ever thought about putting up a site on here to where us regulars can put up like an auto-biography with pictures ?? i’d pay to do something like that. i’m sure everyone is with me when i say it would be nice if we all knew more about who we’re talking to, and what we all look like. that way we can help people better and get help !!.. i can probably name 10 people on here that i see a lot of that i wouldn’t mind knowing more about, and i’m sure everyone else might feel the same way.

Okay, I’m back! Today I start something I swore I’d never do again…keto. Going back to Lyle McDonald’s plan for the finishing touch. Oh, and for those of you who want advice and motivation for when you get off track or are just thinking about it…JB is right. A few days of innocent, or not so innocent depending on your perspective, binge-eating can slay your progress. After I was sick with the stomach flu, I literally ate nothing but fast food for 12 days, and FIVE WEEKS LATER I AM STILL ATTEMPTING TO GET CAUGHT UP! Ab skinfold is at 9.5 (previously at 6 before the bout w. the stomach flu and the binge-fest). I will get back to 6 (or maybe 5) within two weeks…provided I don’t fail on my one-day carb-up, the reason I quit using keto in the first place. I wish I could figure out why that is such a difficulty for me when I could go for weeks w/o any carbs, then the second I start a normal carb-up all bets are off. Gotta be a serotonin thing.

I would consider posting pics if we could do something like that on here. I’m a buck-sixty right now so nothing to write home about, but I agree w. Podge that it would be very cool to put the names w. the faces.

Well, at 5’10-11 I’ve gone from 18%bf 192lbs to 10%bf 185lbs in the last six weeks. Very happy!! I think my girlfriend is getting tired of me looking in the mirror though. At least its got her in the gym. I still gotta lose 2-3 more percent I just don’t want to lose any muscle. I’ve got a queston though, how many people do you guys think “fudge” their bf percentages or just totally guess. I’m not da man or nothing but I am pretty ripped when I look in the mirror. There just seems like there are an abundance of people with 7-8% bf. Not that everyone is lying or anything but its kinda hard to get that low and not lose muscle. There just sure are a lot of people. Maybe its just me.

Well, I was getting ready for a contest scheduled for June 1. However, due to $$$ - more like a limited supply (and getting ready for shows are expensive! Posing suits, tanning crap, NPC dues, etc), and needed to put all my efforts into ART stuff - preparing for the San Diego Comic Con, among other things, oh and a show for my work, along with other artists on June 28 - I just can’t do it. so sad. But there’s another show in November in Washington state - I placed second in that one in '96. Maybe I can go this year to enact my revenge sinister laugh.

So, I'm staying the course - still gonna drop some BF. I'm changing my training routine - since I am also contemplating on a powerlifting competition (hmmmmm). Picking up the protein, adjusting carbs. Lah dee dah.

I'm keeping on - don't want to drop bodyweight, just BF%.

I finished my cutting cycle about a week ago. All in all, it was definitely a learning experience in that I learned that I’m nowhere close to where I want to be. I’m just under 6% BF, but I don’t look it in the least because I just don’t have enough size to make 6% and under look good. Overall, I lost 9 pounds of fat mass and less than one pound of LBM in eight weeks. So, yes, I guess you could say I’m happy with the results of the cutting phase itself, but not my current “look.” Nonetheless, I’m confident that it was for the best in the long run, as I’m hoping that it’ll prime me for some serious lean mass gains in the months to come. I firmly agree with JB’s recommendation to engage in at least one such cycle per year. For now, I’m going to be doing mostly low rep strength work and taking some extra rest days for the next month while trying to maintain this low BF percentage and teach my body some sort of a new set point. I’m also hoping that it will give my bum shoulder a break. I’m prone to fat gain if my total calories and macronutrient ratios aren’t exact, so I plan to stay below 9.5% no matter what. For now, I’m working to reintroduce carbs and total calories properly so that I don’t just gain it all back quickly. I’m supplementing with ALA and chromium while continuing with 80 minutes cardio and five lifting sessions per week. Thanks to everyone for the “support” and advice; next time, I hope to be cutting from a starting weight of close to 190 instead of 163 (I’m 5’8"), so the ending result will be a heck of a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Keep up the great work, everyone.

Jason had mentioned that to me in the past, and I was thinking about it again the other day. I think it would be great for the T-Mag brotherhood to have a gallery to show off our gains. I have plenty of room on my homepage, and was thinking of offering anyone on the forum the opportunity to send me some pics to post as sort of an online album with bios. I posted the site a couple of weeks ago, and it got a great response, so I’d be happy to post everyone else’s pics if they want to send them my way. Just go to the site and find my email address at the bottom of each page:

I’ll start a new page called “T-Man Gallery” and post the link every time someone sends a new pic and bio.

Hey everyone, haven’t been posting much but am still leaning out. Went from 182 and 15% to 175 and 12% in about a month without any stregnth losses, or major muscle mass losses (according to my calculations). I’m about 1 week into the final month of this 8 week cycle, and I’m kicking it up a notch. I switched from morn. only Androsol to MAG-10 once a day. I’m eating about 1500-1800 cals. a day, about half fat (mostly flax, almonds, and fatty fish) and half pro w/50 gm carbs on workout days, 30 on rest days. Mostly low rep, low volume stuff followed by light cardio
OR Meltdown; sprints on non-weight days. Also using T2, BetaLean HP, M, Adipokinex (a lifesaver). I’m hoping to get to 8-9%. Anyone used Finasol for dieting? Results? I’m thinking it would work better than MAG-10, what do ya’ll think?

It is possible to be in the 7-8% range and not lose muscle. In '97, when I was clearly 8% and training ALOT and not knowing exactly what I was doing, I got up to 128lbs (5’4") - no problem. I was keeping my protein intake up and not really concerned with cutting carbs since I needed them for boxing and martial arts. I was a lean, mean fighting machine and was able to increase LBM - easily. I believe primarilly due to the quality of foods I was consuming.

I'm going to follow a similar route in the next coming months. I am at 11% now - and that's been pretty normal for me. But want to get down to 8% for the hell of it. Plus, I like walking around like a lean, muscular eye candy at the Comic Con in August.

Hello everyone. The time has come for me to join this support group. I’m going to be embarking on a two week Mag-10 diet, 1300-1500 calories per day, comprised of about 300 grams of protein, 12 fish oil caps, and minimal carbs. I’ll be using a 2 scoop serving of SURGE 3 days a week w/ my workouts, but other than that, i’m trying to avoid carbs as much as possible. We’ll see how much i can lose in the two weeks; if i’m satisfied with the results then i’ll resume with a maintainance diet for two weeks before going back to bulking with Mag-10. Just one question; i’m planning on conducting 3 high intensity sprinting sessions throughout the week on my non-weight training days. I hesitate to not take in any carbs after such a demanding session. What do you guys think about 25 grams of maltodextrin with my post cardio protein? It’s another 100 calories, and 25 carbs that i would like to avoid if at all possible. Is Mag-10 enough to avoid losing muscle if i’m sprinting in the morning on an empty stomach?

Wow Patricia thats friggin low especially for a female. At least to me it is. Could I possibly bother you for you diet scheme, supps etc. I’m very interested in how you cut that low w/o losing muscle. As it could possibly help my GF and myself in our endevors to look good nekid. Thank you.

I finished my cutting cycle 10 days ago. I was shooting for 6% and got very close and am very happy with the results. My abs are nicely defined again, the way I like them. It’s been 3 years since being this lean. My tanita BF scale usually measures between 6-6 1/2%. My analog accu-measure calipers measure 6.7% using the 3-site method off enforcergraphics. This is down from a starting 15% BF. I ended the cutting cycle as I ran out of thermo fat burners and seemed to be stuck at that level BF% and decided not to get greedy. However, I am more than pleased in the out come. I’ve spent the last 10 days slowly reintroducing maintenance calories and slowly bumping my carbs up after WO’s and cardio sessions. I’ve gained about 5 lbs, all from glycogen restorage and my strength has gone up every WO since ending the diet and getting some great pumps back. I had used Androsol 70 sprays morning only during the final 6 weeks of the cycle and am on Tribex, M, and Methoxy right now. I’ve got 4 bottles of Mag-10 standing by and am planning on starting Mag-10 in about 2 weeks. I’m going to try and keep my calories dialed in on the 2 week Mag-10 cycle and not gain much fat, but if need be, I will do a mini cutting cycle end of May-first of June to keep my abs for the summer. Good luck to all the T-Vixens and T-Men still cutting.

way to go man !!.. hopefully i can write an e-mail like yours in the near future !!

You must keep in mind that I had, at that time, 14-years of weight training and was already pretty lean to start with (about like how I am now). My routine was like this:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9AM Karate. Tuesday/Thursday: Either formal Karate training or kickboxing training (evening). Sundays and a occasional Thursday: Boxing. 2-3 days a week - either Mon/Wed/Friday: Weight training (mostly compound exercises). Saturdays: Lazy bitch - made like a greyhound and did NOTHING. (you all do know that greyhounds are really "couch potatoes"?)

Diet consisted of RED MEAT - I would pack two 1.7Pt size rubbemaid containers with beef/rice/veggies or chicken/rice/veggies and a third container would contain oatmeal w/egg (breakfast). In between these meals would be either a protein bar, can of tuna fish, or fruit or a snack like a cookie. Well, I usually had and still have a cookie a day. I was also a Personal Trainer and when I had to go to another gym to meet a client, I would stop off at some nearby grocery store and get anything else if I was hungry. Basically I did maintain a good caloric intake - and did not cut down my fats. Which is why I was able to get so lean. Due to all of the activity and me not cutting out dietary fats - my body was able to give a good percentage of it up. AND keeping my protein intake high - I was able to not lose muscle and eventually gained some muscle. As for supplements? Nada. 'Cept for Vitamin C and multi-mineral/vitamin tablets. I believe in good old-fashion food. Now am regularly taking creatine and seeing fantastic results.

I also hate dairy, and eat practically nothing except for a li'l bit of nonfat milk. Don't drink any sodas or fruit juices. I do occasionally will eat a box of Mike n Ikes or Red Vines. I have a certified sweet tooth. Also I had NOT been drinking beer. THIS is important. Cuz, I LOVE beer. But lately now, Ko (boyfriend) and I have drastically reduced alcohol consumption to a occasional glass of wine. And I'm noticing differences due to that.

But James, this worked for me. It may not work for you or your GF. I began with a high degree of muscle mass. I'm not sure where you or your GF are at. But I hope what I wrote here helps somewhat!