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Getting Ripped; Losing 30lbs


i'm 16, and came across this site because people on bodybuilding.com were posting about numerous articles from this site in threads :slight_smile:

This site looks alot more "hardcore" than most others. I've tryed posting my goals on sites, and i honestly don't get much help.

I would like to lose 30+ pounds, and build lots of muscle. Currently, i'm 5'9 and 200 pounds. I only have 14 more weeks untill i get out of school. Is that enough time to drop 20+ pounds and get into shape? I would actually like to do bodybuilding as a hobby, but i first have to get into shape.

Can anyone reffer me to a workout plan, i'm pretty sure i have my diet in order, but any tips are great.

I'm interested in "Muscle Memory" and "workout cycles". Basically anything besides steroids that will help me lose weight and gain muscle.

I am free to workout 5+ times a week. It's worth it if i see results.

I'm going to be buying a gym membership next week, but i'm still not 100% sure on what excersises to do. I want to incorporate the best excersises into my routine, i want it to be a split-body workout program preferablly.

Thanks for reading, later.



Welcome aboard. There is more information here than you'll be able to read in a year.

Get familiar with the article library, and also find the various beginners threads using the search feature.

Once you've given the beginner's threads a read, post some more specific questions and I'm sure you'll get pointed in the right direction.


i've been going through the library etc.

I havn't really found a 5 day workout that suits to my needs. I mean, i havn't looked at all 2,000 of them... i'm just wondering which would be the best 5 day a week program?

Theres some very good articles i enjoyed reading.

i would like a split-body workout, five times a week, muscle building with max benefits...

i already know how to do cardio etc. after workouts... i've done a bit of lifting, but not too much.


Maybe check out "Big Boy Basics" by Chad Waterbury.


I was under the impression all CW's plans werent for beginners.

Anyway, welcome aboard. If you want to just get in overall better shape. You should try a full body routine. I know you said you would prefer a split routine, but for a beginner (and even some veterans) a full body routine works better.

Base your workout on a monday wednesday friday split. Use mainly compound movements. One "tip of the day" was to begin each workout with a leg movement, I've been doing this for a month or two, and my workouts have jumped up in effectiveness IMO.

I suggest you do something like

squats 10x3
barbell row 5x5
military press 3x8

wed: deadlifts 10x3
chin ups 5x5
flat bench 3x8

lunges 3x8 (or good mornings 3x8)
dips 5x5
one arm db rows 10x3

Or something similar. Something this basic will make you see huge improvements since you're a beginner.
You could do some low intensity cardio on tuesday and thursday if you want. Either way, always give your body AT LEAST one day of rest per week.

Also, remember the most important part of your new "lifestyle" is your diet. Eat as much as you want, as long as its healthy. Since you're a beginner, anything healthy (include veggies as many times a day as possible) and you'll see your body composition change.

Good luck, you'll pick up alot of stuff on this site. Learn it, and you'll be in the right direction.


sounds good
good tips
i'm still kind of wanting to workout 5x a week...


Just do 3 compound exercises per day. One pull, one push, and one leg exercise. You can do some auxiliary exercises after that if you're not too tired.

Alternate horizontal (chest presses, db, bb, flat, incline...) and vertical (overhead presses, dips) pushes.

Alternate horizontal (seated rows, chest-supported rows, bent-over rows) and vertical (chin-ups, pull-ups, power cleans) pulls.

Alternate quad dominant (front squats, reg squats, box squats) and hip dominant leg exercises (sumo deadlifts, reg deadlifts, good mornings, romanian deadlifts). Also throw some unilateral exercises (lunges, step-ups).

Rotate the order of the push/pull/legs exercises. I.e. one day start with push, next day with pull, and next day with legs.

Do 8x3 (8 sets of 3) one day, 4x8 next day, 5x6 next, 3x12 next, and start again. Or whatever other rep/sets tickle your fancy. Just make sure you do some low reps at some point during the week (for strength), and keep the total number of reps per exercise > 24 (for size).

All of this is very much the same as Chad's SOB program, although he alternates 1 day on / 1 day off. (And I'm sure there will be a lot more differences since I'm just a guy that lifts, not a coach.)



Do you want to lose fat or gain muscle? and why do you want a 5x a week program, it isn't crucial for development at all...


How new are you to weights in general? If just starting, I don't think 10x3 is for you. After a few months, quite possibly but I'd suggest learning the movements first.

Anyways, my personal opinion is that unless you're quite careful 5 times a week may be too much for you unless you keep your sessions quite short. I've done well on 3x a week of relatively abbreviated stuff.

And big boy basics is a good place to start


I want to Lose weight primarily, but gain muscle while i'm at it. I just want to get into shape, muscle would be nice.

I want 5x a week because i just want it. I"m not really sure, but i bet i'll see even better results. I also don't have much to do ( no tutoring afterschool etc. ), so i have lots of time to do stuff.


that pretty much looks like what i'm after... i'm gonna try it. I'm going to do cardio everyday after my workouts though.

I can't buy Spike i doubt because i don't think my mom will want to buy me stimulants untill i'm serious.

I'm going to be using Protein powder, and (creatine)CEE. Ofcourse fishoil, and a multi-vitamin. If i see decent results, i'll buy Spike and some of those Flameout fish oil capsules.


i'll find that big boy basics article and also read that.

i've done some lifting before actually, mostly stuff for football like bench presses and squats. My brother has done alot of weight lifting but hasn't kept it up ( he has had basketball etc. ). He's going to help me out and spot me on bench presses and squats.

i can't find big boys basics... anyone have a link to it?


i want to try the workout routine that was given to me... but i'm not 100% sure on which excersises. Is there a article that has the 3 best excersises per body part???


what does it mean when it says "30 RM"


You hit failure after 30 reps literally a 30 repetition maximum


do 5 days a week, ok, but make 3 of them heavy lifting and 3 conditioning. If you are hard try GPP ASAP by CW, and all the lifting programs suggested are good. I think that if you want to drop fat, this will definatly increase your energy expenditure and help up the metabolism.