Getting Ripped for Anniversary

Big one coming up. I welcome any input from those in the know on the following: WAY too heavy. Trying to get back into shouting distance of my best weight (195-205) Currently at 233 after one week of this:

Workout AM: Alternating 20 min HIIT on Concept 2 rower (at least 4000 meters) with Weight training. Hitting each bpart every 4 days or so. Workouts are from 25-30 sets with 1 minute rest between sets and some supersets.

Diet: 4-5 meals/day T-Dawg – Not really watching calories too much, as after a week or so hunger fades and the problem is making myself eat yet another freakin can of tuna. I am around 2200 / day generally.

Supplements: Before w/out Am, 4ADx 1tsp, 25 sprays Asol, T2 – Later I have another T2, 5-10 grams creatine in a shake, sometimes a CEA capsule if i feel tired in PM.

Age 46, years training 17 (on and off) nagging injuries in lower left back and right shoulder, but otherwise OK. Have complete gym with power rack, etc. Still fairly strong, but not where I was in the early 90s.Would appreciate constructive criticism, expect flames for letting myself become a lard ass.

Questions: Would adding more cardio help? OR simply catabolize lean mass, as I am excercising 6 days/week now? From what I gather, this is about as good a supp stack as you can get for dieting long term (10 weeks), am I right?

Hey try the Meltdown I / Meltdown II alternation of 2 week cycles proposed in Iron Dog as I have as well as the supplements recommended and Jesus man, watch the calories - DIET PROPERLY! I can’t say it enough — check out the Iron Dog column from a few weeks back or go to this past weeks (issue 212) feedback letters as I wrote in my 1.5 weeks results.

I have further results to report:

A CONCURRENT BODYWEIGHT GAIN OF 7.5 pounds, WITH A BODYFAT % drop of over 3%. These results are simply amazing, but you really gotta play things to a T if you are willing. It has been freakin’ tough, but the results are worth it. I will keep you posted at the end of results. This is about as good a results you can get in what I have seen in my years training. I can tell you this too, as it is suggested, you do do 6 days of training in the first 2 weeks as weel as weeks 5 and 6. So if you choose not to use it, I am assuming it would be ok, but watch duration (in essence, no more that hour and probably 45 minutes each session is probably better) during this time. Weeks 3, 4, 6 and 8 all have me eating more calories and working out less (3 days). I think this has proven most beneficial w/o cannabilizing lean mass. Dude, the most screwed up thing I read in your letter is not the fact that you let yourself go (Jesus, we probably all succumb at some time or another to a less-than-stellar picture of whom we once were), but the fact that you expect to get back to your “ideal” without watching your diet.

Six days a week is way to much, keep it to three days a week lifting, and then 30 minutes cardio on off days, no more than twice a week. Rest is important,especially with nagging injuries. And definitely keep track of calories, especially in the beginning. It will give you a reference point when you hit a wall.

Dana, Thanks for the input. I am re-reading the Iron Dog column and Meltdown w/outs. your results sound almost too good to be true, but maybe I’ll give it a try, although I haven’t puked during a workout since '92 or so.

I will tighten up diet, glad to hear that more exercise is not the answer. (None is so wise as he who confirms your thoughts) So far losses OK, but good thought about having a ref point when it stalls, as it always does.