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Getting Ripped Diet

Looking for comments/suggestions on cutting diet, thanks!


3 Eggs
1/2 Cup Oatmeal
1/2 Cup Cottage Cheese
2/3 Cup Mixed Veggies

Meal 2

2 Cups Skim Milk
6 Fish Oil Capsules


2 Pieces Wheat Bread
1 Can Tuna
2/3 Cup Mixed Veggies
1 Serving Peanuts


1/2 Cup Oatmeal
1 Cup Skim Milk
1 Serving Whey


2 Servings Gatorade Powder
1.5 Servings Whey

Post-Workout Meal

1/2 Cup Rice
1 Can Tuna

Total Calories- 2250
Protein- 218g
Fat- 51g

41% Protein
37% Carb
22% Fat

Hey, there, T-Man. It would be helpful if I knew the amount of LBM you carry and your BF%. I tend to make macronutrient recommendations based on LBM, rather than TBW.

The biggest area of opportunity I see is in the area of carbohydrates. If you’re cutting, I’d recommend that you take in the majority of your carbohydrates PWO, and then they should be of the starchy carb variety; yams, sweet potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal.

The other thing I notice is that only about 28g of your 228g of carbs come in the form of green veggies. I’d like to see you cut the milk and cheese and bread and replace it with as wide a variety of green veggies as you can cram into your mouth. I’ll tell you right now that if you ate exclusively green veggies and took in no other carbs, you couldn’t eat 228g of carb. Of course, you’d also lose weight! (grin)

Good luck to you, T-Man. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Great advice from Terry as usual! It’s a real treat to read your posts Terry. Keep up the helpful tips!

Go Terry,Go Terry,Go Go, Go Terry. LOL

Great post as usual TT. :slight_smile:
Dont mind if I add a few things do ya???

T-Man While it looks OK, Listen to Terry. Everything she has stated is TOP NOTCH advice.

I will just throw in a couple thing here 4 you. I think EVERYONE, no matter there goals can benefit from living on the TDawg 2 diet for a period of time and learn all the concepts and then slowly adapt it to fit you and eventually into a LIFESTYLE. It is the easiest diet I have seen that can be slowly tweeked to fit ANY person and it’s foundation in timing of macro breakdowns and such is Right on.

Slowly you will adapt and you really wont be on the TDawg anylonger, but you will still benefit from the basic foundation of the plan. So I suggest use it for your cutting cycl;e and then go from there and learn all you can about how and what your body personally responds to well.

Here is a link to it and a few other awesome articles that may help.

T Dawg 2

7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid

The Carbohydrate Roundtable, Part 1&2

Fat Roundtable I&II

For after the cutting or to use for the dont diet diet approach. (another solid choice)
Massive Eating

These along with anything on this site by LL, JB, etc., as well as advice from he vast collective knowledge of this here forumn and it’s members and you cant lose man.

Like TT said. Come on back with some more stats, info. and questions, and many will try and lend a hand.

Hope That Helps,


[quote]Tampa-Terry wrote:
Hey, there, T-Man. It would be helpful if I knew the amount of LBM you carry and your BF%. I tend to make macronutrient recommendations based on LBM, rather than TBW.


Thanks Tampa. I weigh about 177lbs with about 11-12% bf. Also, do you have any workout reccomendations? I have heard when cutting to lift heavy, so would ABBH or Mutation Series be a good workout plan?

Thanks, guys! LOL!

T-Man, now that I know your LBM, I can give you some numbers to hit.

Protein Requirements:

Using 12% BF and 177 for TBW, I get 156 pounds of LBM. For protein let’s use the tried and true 1.5g x LBM, which works out to 234g of protein daily and roughly 40g per meal, based on your eating 6 meals per day.

Fat Requirements:

.4g to .5g x LBM works pretty well. Using .4g x LBM, I get 62g of fat per day. Divide that 62g between your P+F meals.

Carb Requirements:

If you have a high metabolism or are physically active, you can start with 200g of carbs, but as I said, you need to make a few changes to how you handle/manipulate your carbs. The emphasis should be on optimizing PWO nutrition. Make sure you’re getting a P+C drink immediately upon completing your workout. From there, about 90 minutes later, follow-up with a whole-food P+C starchy carb meal (about 120g between the two) The remainder of your carbs (80g) should be predominantly of the green veggie variety. Allow yourself a sprinkle of cheese here and there, but more as a condiment. And it probably wouldn’t hurt if you wanted to take in some cottage cheese in a protein shake before bed. But if you hit a fat-loss plateau, try going without any dairy for two weeks to see how your body responds. Some people don’t do well with dairy, and it seems to inhibit fat loss.

Good question re the workout. The combination of resistance training and diet are highly synergistic when it comes to body recomposition. I’m extremely partial to all of Chad’s programs. ABBH I and II are excellent choices, and you’re taking in enough carbs that you’ll be able to do the programs justice.

My one last recommendation is that you keep a food log and weigh yourself on a weekly basis at the same time of day and on the same scale, preferably in the morning after hitting the restroom and sans clothes. You don’t really want to lose WEIGHT. You want to lose BODY FAT. So make sure scale weight loss is SLOW and controlled (1 pound or less per week). The faster you lose weight, the more of it is going to be LBM. This is especially important when people are dieting at lower BF percentages.


Once again great work. I came to see if T-man had posted his stats and see if I could help out running some 3’s and TT allready had EVERY base covered.

I will just second the recomendation of the CW programs and further STRESS the food log.

Good luck T-man,
Keep us Posted on those results.


[quote]Tampa-Terry wrote:
Good luck to you, T-Man. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.[/quote]

Bad news, only 2 days into my cutting cycle and I injured my back doing squats. Im going to see my doctor today, but Im guessing he’s going to say to hold off on the weights. Suggestions?

T-Man, I’m so sorry to hear that. Injuries suck!

Even though you and I are both anticipating (probably correctly so) what your doctor is going to say, I think there is great wisdom in allowing yourself to heal and not squatting for a bit.

Advice? Get lots of sleep, take bromelain (2000 GDU) and Wobenzyme both on an empty stomach (2 hours after a meal and/or 1 hour before a meal) at AGGRESSIVE doses, multiple times a day, along with a good multi, additional Vitamin C (2.5g total), MSM (working up to about 5g x 2). In addition to this, make sure you’re getting ZMA before bed and take an Epsom Salts bath (high in magnesium, which is absorbed by the skin and helps to relax the muscles).

Other than that, eliminate starchy carbs of all types and take in only green veggie carbs. Your body will benefit from the enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Start walking when you can and ease back into resistance training when your body will let you.

Good luck, and let me know how it goes!

Active release.

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Get a tennis ball and look for trigger points. Work em for a week all day long.

Roll around all over your back and your buttocks and legs. They can be anywhere. A trigger point at the back of your rib cage can make your low back kill!

The injury will feel more like a bruise and the end of the week.

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Ok, I just came back from my doctor. He said that he doesn’t think its a disc problem yet and prescribed some predisone and said to only avoid lower body excercises. So with that in mind, should I continue to cut or just try to stay around maintainice? Also, will the predisone have any negative side effects with lifting(i.e such as getting weaker)?

T-man, prednisone is catabolic. It inhibits protein synthesis. I wouldn’t use it unless you really needed the relief and then only for as short a period of time as possible.

Do a search on Google (or your favorite search engine:

“protein synthesis” + prednisone

Sorry to keep bumping this, but one last quick question: If I am doing strength training and using low volume, should my PWO drink contain less carbs/sugars? Thanks again Tampa!

Definitely have your normal post-workout shake. Reducing carbs and protein in it won’t do you any good.

I have heard when cutting to lift heavy, so would ABBH or Mutation Series be a good workout plan?

Lifting heavy is right but I wouldn’t recommend ABBH for cutting. The Mutation series is a great choice though