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Getting ripped and low carbs

I have always wanted to see my six pack and I’m trying to get a lot leaner. My question is “Do you have to go on an extremely low carb diet to get lean and see your six pack?” Is it possible to be on a moderate card restriction and get the same results? I understand it might take longer, I’m just wondering if it is possible? I am 6’ tall and weigh 180lbs with 11-12% BF. My diet consists of about 2000 cal. 180G Pro. and 175G Carbs coming mostly from oatmeal, veggies and fruit. I do weight training 3 times a week and cardio 3 times a week. Any diet advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

You can get lean on a low calorie, isocaloric diet but most poeple have more dramatic results with some version of either low carb or keto type diets as fat loss is more dramatic and pronounced when insulin is restricted. The best isocaloric diet I’ve seen would be T-Mags “Don’t Diet” version of Massive Eating which controls the insulin problem through macro nutrient combinations. (P+F or P+C meals only). See “Appetite for Construction” column in Issue 167 for details. I think you will find it appealing.

I agree with the above. You have left out fat in your above post. Make three of your meals P+F, especially the one before working out - it will not leave you sluggish and more attentive. Aim for 20grams of fat in each meal with flax and one of them get 10grams of fish. I do the 10g fish and 10g flax at bed just in case of bad breath, then noone but me and roseypalm can smell it. You are doing a very similar diet to what I am. Good luck!