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Getting ripped AFTER Mag-10

Hello, all.

I’m going to be finishing up my 2nd cycle of Mag-10 in 1 week. I started out at 177 and project that I will finish up at about 200. At 5’8", I feel that is as high as I want to go. I’d love to spend a couple months burning some of the excess fat I’ve accumulated while sparing muscle mass.

My question is: has anyone tried the T2-Pro, MD6 and Methoxy-7 stack? I want to use it after the Mag-10 cycle is over. Forgive me if there is already a thread that addresses this. I couldn't find it if there was.


Hey Mike I don’t have an answer for you but a question. Did you use the intense twice a day workout endorsed by biotest to get such awesome results on Mag-10?
Also did you do the Massive eating?

Hey. I’ve not tried the stack, but MD6 by itself is incredibly effective, so I’d imagine the stack would be even better.

Hey man congrats on your new size! About your question though, I’d suggest you do 2-4 weeks of Tribex, M, and Methoxy after your MAG-10 along with an isocaloric Massive Eating diet. You need to give your body a rest from remodeling and let your endocrine system normalize itself. If you go straight from a bulking phase to a seroius cutting phase, you’ll probably lose lots of your new muscle, especially coming off a chemically assisted bulking phase like yours. Once you do start leaning out though a T2-pro, MD6, Methoxy stack would be good. I’d also highly reccomend the modified T-dawg diet and later a morn. only Androsol protocol as this really working for me. I might even finish off with 2 weeks of steroid dieting w/MAG-10. Good luck.


To answer your questions, no, I did not train twice per day. Believe it or not, I trained only M,W,F for the first two weeks of Mag-10. For the 2nd two weeks I’m training more frequently, going 2 on 1 off for the entire two-week period.

Did I eat a lot? That’s an understatement! I didn’t follow the “massive eating” guidelines per se, but I did drink 3 or 4 60g protein shakes per day (ugh!) and ate one or two balanced meals.


Great advice. It’s probably best that I let my body get used to the new size. You’re also right in that I would probably lose a lot of my hard earned muscle if I dieted too quickly.

Here’s what I’m going to do. After Mag-10 I’ll spend 4 weeks on Tribex and M, and add Methoxy-7 to the mix. I’ll cut down on total calories, but keep the protein intake at about 1.2 gm per pound of body weight. If I still feel I need a diet “push”, then I’ll try the stack.


I agree with JJ completely. You will likely lose a lot of your gains if you jump right into a low calorie diet right after a Mag-10 cycle. Your best bet is to maintain for 1-2 weeks and do no cardio. Just keep training hard, and supplement with M, Tribex, and Methoxy. Then, go to whatever kind of diet/training you know works best for you, and add in MD6 and T2. Be sure to join up with the Getting Ripped Support Group and keep us posted with your results!


Thanks for the timely and informative response to my question…it has helped a lot.