Getting Rid of Water Bloat With Prescription Diuretic

My urologist says I could try lasix (prescription water pill) cardiologist says he prefers Spironolactone.

BTW it’s not estrogen causing water bloat urologist thinks it’s just the side affect of testosterone.

This is for trt. Both low dose.
Spironolactone looks like an androgen blocker not sure if it matters since taking as needed on low dose.

Which is better for as needed use?

@highpull and anyone else.


I prefer dandelion root extract because as a person with diabetes where potassium is a problem requiring supplementation, I can’t afford to have low potassium levels because it effects diabetes management.

No side effects either and it’s not a drug. As far as being as effective as prescription diuretics, I can say that it’s equal to or better.

Any diuretic that spares potassium (Spironolactone) blocks the effects of androgens affects at the receptors.

That’s the reason my endocrinologist never recommended it.

TRT can affect sodium reabsorption via the kidneys, so it may not be the estrogen causing your issues. It might be that your T dose is excessive.

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Ask your doctor about using a different potassium sparing diuretic.

Vitamin B6 can help with mild fluid retention, 300mg.

Would the p5p form work?

Are you saying there is a better one that doesn’t block androgen?

an ARB will also reduce water retention and have some other benefits. I’d try that first

Already taking that. 4mg candesartan. I can ask to up it?

Yes, it would.

There are other potassium sparing diuretics that won’t mess with testosterone. Different, but probably also better in your case.

I don’t know how bad it is, obviously, but if possible, I’d try the B6 or dandelion root systemlord suggested. I’ve heard about that, just do not have any experience with it like he reports.

A steroidal anti androgen on trt? Lol… what

Do you still have fluid retention mediated through dilated cardiomyopathy? What is LVEF/cardiac parameters and what’s your T dose/labs

Are you on any cardiac meds like ARB/ace inhibitor, beta blocker? Other antihypertensives?

Any calcium channel blockers or alpha blockers by chance?

Nvm… just saw you are on candesartan

What is resting BP?

It can be androgen mediated increase in 20-HETE production and subsequent dysregulation of RAAS, interaction with various mineralcorticoid conversion pathways.

Or it could be estrogen… what is your E? I used to discount estrogen as being culpable as I thought the body would naturally find homeostasis. However I’ve found if I use “trt+” as in 125mg/wk or above my estrogen catapults into supratherapeutic concentrations whereas my testosterone doesn’t necessarily correlate aside from perhaps at the peak

Testosterone IM 1x/wk doesn’t mimic homeostatic mechanisms to begin with (circadian rhythm and the likes Iikes). Various parameters… genetics, adipose tissue distribution and the likes can impact E2 conversion. Some convert more than others

I keep my T dose at 125mg or below per week otherwise I start to look like a water buffalo. How do I know it’s the E2? Well a dieuretic will knock out the water retention… but as will a dose of anastrazole… almost overnight

However I don’t take aromatase inhibitors… it’s TRT, not a cycle.

From my perspective if I’m getting E2 mediated water retention and fat gain (another side I tend to get)… the dose is simply too high. So 100-125mg is my max, with 100mg/wk being my golden standard.

75-80mg/wk works… but it’s not as good as 100mg/wk. Contrary to what others have said… I feel better with a cavg of 6-700 ng/dl as opposed to 4-500ng/dl… and I feel on top of the world with a cavg of 8-900ng/dl

Waking up my hr is near 70.

I also take metoprolol.

My ef and heart is back to normal. It appears that the blood pressure meds worked and possiblity confirming my reduced EF was caused by years of mild-moderate high BP with no meds.

Cardiologist says well if you need a water pill on a regular basis that spiro has other benefits to (like for heart failure).

I don’t intend on getting on a water pill. I don’t need it. I am trying lasix to see if I can use it sparingly. And if it’s even water bloat.

It could be digestive related. I seem to need help getting my digestive system to run quicker.

I did piss all night. Took 40mg lasix yesterday. We will see how I look later.

What does cavg stand for? What is your dosing frequency?